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  1. MOMC General Membership Meeting

    25 March 2014 - 03:04 PM

    Come and see us at the general membership meeting on Wednesday, March 26th at 7:30. We will be at the VFW Bruce Post in SCS. We will have custom bait makers there, membership sign ups, and new developements for the club. Check out our 2014 events at the meeting including Operation Musk-e-meet and The 2014 Special Olympics Tournament held at the GPYC. If you're new to the club, please introduce yourself to one of our boardmembers in the MOMC Fishing jersey's. We welcome seasoned fishermen, beginners, trollers, and casters.

    Let um Go, Let um Grow
  2. MOMC Spring Walleye Classic

    20 March 2014 - 08:17 AM

    7thAnnual Michigan Ontario Muskie Club

    Spring Walleye Classic

    Sunday - April 27, 2014

    Heaviest Five (5) WalleyeCombined - per Team
    Fishing Hours – 6:30am to 1:30pm(*Shotgun Start @ 6:30am from DYC)
    Weigh-In Time - 2:00pm @ DetroitYacht Club
    Awards Ceremony & Catered Lunch@ 3pm
    Cash Prize Money - 1st,2nd & 3rd
    Entry Cost $50/Angler - 4 AnglerMax per Boat
    Heaviest Walleye Side Bet -$20/Boat
    Entry Open to the Public – Capped @75 Boats (so mailyours in early)
    Mandatory Captain's Meeting Saturday 26th @ DYC
    5-6pm Registration ***** 6-7pm Captain's Meeting
    See Reverse Side for Rules
    For Additional Informationcheck us out at <a href="">
    Contact Information -
    Mail Entry Form and Payment to:


    Michigan Ontario Muskie Club

    4651 37 mile rd

    Bruce twp, MI 48065

    Boat/TeamName: ________________________ TotalAnglers @$50/ea: _________

    Captain'sName: _________________________ Phone:_______________________

    Angler 2:_______________________________

    Angler 3:_______________________________

    Angler 4:_______________________________

    LargestWalleye Side Bet @$20: Yes No (PleaseCircle One)

    AllEntries Must Be Received by April 25, 2014
    7thAnnual MOMC – Spring Walleye Classic
    Rules &Regulations
    1. All participants agree toaccept ALL decisions made by a three judge panel.

    2. All boats must passinspection, prior to tournament start. Boats will be inspected in the water, at the Detroit Yacht Club, from5:00 – 6:15am. After inspection, the captain IS required to sign in fortheir crew, with the MOMC inspector, and pick up your fish tags. Teams NOT signed in or have NOT tagged their fish, will NOT be eligible to registertheir catch.

    3. Shotgun start at 6:30amfrom DYC. Fishing hours are from tournament start until 1:30pm, April 27th,2014. All captains must be in line AT the official MOMC WeighStation (DYC), no later than 2:00pm, with your five (5) tagged heaviestfish. Late arrivals will NOT be eligible to registertheir fish. NOEXCEPTIONS.

    4. All fish must be caught between 6:30am and 1:30pm onApril 27th, in order to be eligible. Your fish must be fresh andtagged with the tags provided during inspection, in order to be entered. (Aliveand breathing would be helpful!!) The three judge panel will determine thefreshness of all fish turned in. We are promoting catch and release of anywalleyes entered, if you are able to ensure a safe release please help grow thepopulation.

    5. Only one (1) angler limitof five (5) walleye will count towards your team's officialregistered catch. Culling IS permitted during fishing hours. Walleye must be 15" or longer to be eligible,in the interest of conservation & preservation.

    6. All waters of the DetroitRiver are open for fishing, during the MOMC Spring Walleye Classic. Specificboundaries are waters West of the Lake St Clair 35ft Racon Light, and North ofthe Green D33 Channel Marker at the mouth of Lake Erie. (Yes – Sturgeon Hole isopen to fishing!!!)

    7. The amount of cash prizeis dependent on the total number of entries, minus the total expense of thederby. The heaviest registered catch wins the grand prize. Pay outs for 1st,2nd, & 3rd places will be awarded. The heaviestsingle walleye will be used as tie breaker for heaviest registered catch.

    8. The Calcutta for thelargest single walleye will be determined by WEIGHT. Tie breaker for theCalcutta will be determined by the longest length of the heaviest walleye.

    9. Only legal means ofangling may be used to harvest walleye, as identified by the MDNR & OMNR.

    10. The tournament committeereserves the right to inspect and/or dissect any walleye which is suspected tohave been fraudulently enhanced, by any method. Enhanced fish WILL result in immediate team disqualification,and loss of all entry fees.

    11. ALL tournament participantsmust conduct themselves in an appropriate sportsmanlike manner, so as to bringa favorable impression on the MOMC & DYC. Failure to do so could result indisqualification from the tournament.

    12. Protests must bewritten, signed and presented by the Team Captain, along with a $100 "No BS"retainer. Protests received must be submitted no later than 15 minutes afterclosing of the scales. Retainer will be returned IF the protest is found to bevalid. Otherwise, retainer becomes property of the MOMC general fund.

    13. Any tournamentparticipants found in violation of the above rules can be disqualified from thetournament.


    MOMC Derby Control will monitor VHF –Channel 80.

    Participants ARE allowed to have their legal limit ofwalleye, per angler, in possession. Please keep these separate from the five (5) fish you plan to enter.

    All registered walleye willbe fin clipped, after being weighed, to prevent trade offs.

    In keeping with an era gone by, webelieve and you agree, to accept all liability for everything concerning you.Your crew accepts liability for themselves and the organizers acceptresponsibilities for nothing.

    Thanks for participating and good luckfishing!!!

  3. Let's think SPRING

    05 March 2014 - 09:51 AM

    Just a reminder that the hard water won't be here forever. The last weekend in April will be the annual MOMC Walleye Tournament at the DYC in the Detroit RIver. This is a great event with some great local walleye anglers. This is open to the public and we encourage you to come and fish this tournament with us. Come and see what the MOMC has to offer. More details to come regarding rules, sign ups, Capt meetings, etc...

  4. 58th Annual MOMC Tournament season is done for another year

    14 October 2013 - 05:47 PM

    The 58th Annual MOMC Tournament season is done for another year, and was another record breaking year.

    Now we have till October 31st. to beat that Gator Keith Jones brought in at 45.05 POUNDS for the Year End!!!

    This year was also the launch of our hugely successful CPR division, which saw 31 Captains join for the first year. We had a few hick-ups that was expected, but other than that every-one seemed to enjoy the convenience of the new CPR division.

    On behalf of MOMC, we would like to extend a Hugh thank you to all our host tournament weigh-instations. Thank you to Belle River Marina & The Shore Club Marina for hosting us for another year. Tom Joysey of Miller Marina Gas dock deserves a Hugh Thank You for hosting the majority of the Derby's this year. THANK YOU TOM!!!

    Thank You to theTournament directors for doing a bang up job at all the Tournaments. As always Fast Eddies did a superb job of catering our events. Cooper, Tristan & Lance did a great job with the Pig Roast in September.

    Let's not forget Richard Bachran our Weight Master, Thank You Richard for all you endure during the season. Great Job!!

    Our 2 Charity Derby's went off without a hitch too. Thank you to Grosse Pointe Yacht Club & Detroit Yacht Club, for opening your doors and welcoming us into your historic venues.

    Thank You Detroit Yacht Club for hosting our 6thAnnual Walleye Classic in April. See you all next Season.

    On to the October derby.

    The fishing Gods graced us with 2 glorious days of fishing for the Ken Valley Memorial & 18thAnnual John Muliett Big Dog Classic. Lake St. Clair was in all her shining beauty with temps in the high 70's and no gale force winds or rain for October. How did that ever happen?

    Chuck Smith Sr. and the Family Tradition crew set the first bar of the day at 34.75 pounds. That held for a few hours till Dave Clark and his Liquid Sedation crew set the bar at 37.95 pounds on Saturday. At that same time Tony Jaros aboard his Tureen registered a 36.8 pounder too.

    Sunday greeted us with overcast skies and was a little breezy in the morning. But that didn't deter Harold Herschelmann aboard the Medicine Man reporting a 53" CRP length. Then the Medicine Man crew ran it to the scales registering a 36.1 pound fish.

    As Dave Clark and his crew where feeling somewhat comfortable with their 37.95 poundfish. Joel Herrington and the Let Freedom Ring Crew would wreck their morning registering a Whopping 41.55 pound gator!! WOW, Great job Joel and the Let Freedom Ring Crew.

    October Club Derby results:

    1st Place Joel Herrington

    Team: Let Freedom Ring

    41.5 pounds x 51 1/2"length x24"girth

    2nd Place, Dave Clark

    Team: Liquid Sedation

    37.95 pounds x 52 ¾"length x 23" girth

    3rd Place, Tony Jaros

    Team: Tureen

    36.8 pounds x 50"length x 24" girth

    18th. Annual John Muliett Big Dog Classic results:

    1st Place Joel Herrington

    Team: Let FreedomRing

    41.55 pounds x 511/2" length x24"girth

    2nd Place, Dave Clark

    Team: Liquid Sedation

    37.95 pounds x 52 ¾"length x 23" girth

    3rd Place, Harold Herschelmann

    Team: Medicine Man

    36.10 pounds x 51 ½"length x 22 ½"

    Ken Valley Memorial results:

    1st Place, Dave Clark

    Team: Liquid Sedation

    37.95 pounds x 52 ¾"length x 23" girth

    2nd Place, Chuck Smith Sr.

    Team: FamilyTradition

    34.75 pounds x 51 ½"length x 23" girth

    3rd Place, David Buczko

    Team, FamilyTradition

    32.4 pounds x 52 1/8"length x 22" girth

    CPR Division Winner

    1st Place, Harold Herschelmann

    Team: Medicine Man

    53" Length

    THANK YOU;See you all at the Awards Banquet February 8, 2013!!!!

    Best Regards
    MOMC Board of Directors

    27 August 2013 - 08:16 AM

    The 5th Annual MOMC Operation Musk-E-Meet Tournament is in the books, and was another huge success. The fishing Gods graced us with a glorious day of fishing on Lake St.Clair. Temps in the high 80's and no gale force winds, meant fishing could not have been better. All 20 boats landed fish for the 80 plus soldiers, with some boats landing double digit catches on the day. A total eight 50" plus Muskie's where landed and all fish were released for another day.

    On behalf of MOMC, DYC, Lac St Claire Kiwanis and Operation Injured Soldier, we would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to all those who serve or have served ourcountry. Your dedication to our country, allows us to have the playground weall enjoy today.

    Thank You to Hannah Dell; with her beautiful voice singing our National Anthem. Also the Anchor Bay ROTC displaying our nation's colors.

    "WELCOME ABOARD" to Mobility Works and the Detroit Executive Group for becoming our Platinum Sponsors for 2013.Without their support, along with the countless other gold sponsors, this event would not be possible.

    Thank you DYC staff and members, for opening your doors and welcoming us into your historic venue. Especially, Commodore Scott Allen (DYC), Bill Schrader(DYC Rod & Gun Club), Ross (Harbor Master), Jim Sides (General Manager) and Emily Brandt & Alix Dixon (DYC Catering) for hosting this event. Once again, your graciousness far exceeded any of our expectations.

    Many 100's of volunteer hours are what make this tournament a success.

    Last, thanks to all the captains and mates, who donated their knowledge, boats gas, equipment and time.


    1st - Capt Ed Pascua (MOMC)
    Team: Medicine Man

    Angler: Steve Bago
    54" length - Successfully Released.

    2nd - Capt Matt Quintanio (MOMC)
    Team: Fins & Grins

    Angler: Jim Richards
    53 5/8" length - Successfully Released.

    3rd - Capt Paul Carabelli (MOMC)
    Team: La Bella Vita

    Angler: JerryFleetwood
    53 1/2" length - Successfully Released.

    GRAND PRIZE WINNER – All theCaptains, Mates and the DYC volunteers for allowing us to give something backto all our Active Solders and Veterans, who give us our freedom.

    THANK YOU!!!!

    Best Regards
    MOMC Board of Directors


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