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  1. Nice Walleyes 1st. day @ Crane Creek State Park

    15 March 2014 - 09:48 PM

    Nurse Paddle & I get inna lil ice time 3 miles out from crane creek state pake,,only got today one real nice,,pb threw the ice,,:lol: Swedish pimple hammerd copper caught up in 19 fow ,,more fish porn to come B) 27 & 1/2 incher lil over 8lbs.
  2. Any Good Advice is more than,, appreciated

    14 March 2014 - 07:05 AM

    B) since ive never try going south to fish im trying tonight,, we are leaving tonight & have a nice place to get bait & lodge,,, but im told the only way out ,,,3 to 7 miles is thrw the Canals ,, & if only if the are in good condition,,,? dint we just recive a nice coat of 7 to 10 inches there??? time to latch into somthing worth our Efforts sorry our lake has not been getting it for me on this record breaking type of thickness,, I see the Eye`s being nailed 3 to 7 miles out on lk Erie? & yes i do own a fish finder with a transducher,,but only works well in 15 or deeper water levels,, too cheep to buy a vex,,lol any help would be nice Brian do you hear a music buddy ya played with @ the Dawg House you know me,,lol im the singer of Bon Fired Up local AC/DC tribute band,, PS i know some place down there has a few perch ,,,too???:uhm

  3. Caught the monster scaring the perch

    09 February 2014 - 09:40 PM

    Nurse Paddles & I fished a lil south of Beacon Cove & had no luck in 4 &1/2 fow ,saw dinks from size of our minnows & up to 4 inches, we were seeing verry big fish that eat perch,,lol well one took off with my pink glowing fictious,, with a minnow & I got it back a lil damaged,,this musky was 42" should I post it ? it was not targeted & went right back in ,i didn't wanna post a pic till i get any good feedback :uhm Attached File  musky 2014 lure.jpg (296.55K)
    Number of downloads: 106for a nice fight & return, here is what he did to my perch lure
  4. ginows

    20 December 2013 - 05:42 AM

    Nurce Paddles & I were out early,4 hours and caught about 25 but only 6 keepers, Ice was 5 inches thick @ 7 FOW ,,milky water, visibilty 2 foot ,minnows did well & used a few waxies too, small glow jigs used,with mild temps the bucket boys seemed to be in full force in front of ginows, only less than 1/3rd. shantys},,now with 2 days of RAIN this will change ,,lol less pepole on buckets in the rain vs few more pepole in shantys staying dry :lol: monday will show us what this dumb a$$ warm weather did to our new playground!


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