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  1. Salmon River Fishing ?

    08 September 2014 - 08:00 AM

    planing to spend a lil time on Lake Huron for perch with my boat,,but wanna get in on shore fishing too,,,with some spawn bags for real meat,,any help is great thanks Z,,
  2. Nice Walleyes 1st. day @ Crane Creek State Park

    15 March 2014 - 09:48 PM

    Nurse Paddle & I get inna lil ice time 3 miles out from crane creek state pake,,only got today one real nice,,pb threw the ice,,:lol: Swedish pimple hammerd copper caught up in 19 fow ,,more fish porn to come B) 27 & 1/2 incher lil over 8lbs.
  3. Any Good Advice is more than,, appreciated

    14 March 2014 - 07:05 AM

    B) since ive never try going south to fish im trying tonight,, we are leaving tonight & have a nice place to get bait & lodge,,, but im told the only way out ,,,3 to 7 miles is thrw the Canals ,, & if only if the are in good condition,,,? dint we just recive a nice coat of 7 to 10 inches there??? time to latch into somthing worth our Efforts sorry our lake has not been getting it for me on this record breaking type of thickness,, I see the Eye`s being nailed 3 to 7 miles out on lk Erie? & yes i do own a fish finder with a transducher,,but only works well in 15 or deeper water levels,, too cheep to buy a vex,,lol any help would be nice Brian do you hear a music buddy ya played with @ the Dawg House you know me,,lol im the singer of Bon Fired Up local AC/DC tribute band,, PS i know some place down there has a few perch ,,,too???:uhm

  4. Caught the monster scaring the perch

    09 February 2014 - 09:40 PM

    Nurse Paddles & I fished a lil south of Beacon Cove & had no luck in 4 &1/2 fow ,saw dinks from size of our minnows & up to 4 inches, we were seeing verry big fish that eat perch,,lol well one took off with my pink glowing fictious,, with a minnow & I got it back a lil damaged,,this musky was 42" should I post it ? it was not targeted & went right back in ,i didn't wanna post a pic till i get any good feedback :uhm Attached File  musky 2014 lure.jpg (296.55K)
    Number of downloads: 106for a nice fight & return, here is what he did to my perch lure
  5. ginows

    20 December 2013 - 05:42 AM

    Nurce Paddles & I were out early,4 hours and caught about 25 but only 6 keepers, Ice was 5 inches thick @ 7 FOW ,,milky water, visibilty 2 foot ,minnows did well & used a few waxies too, small glow jigs used,with mild temps the bucket boys seemed to be in full force in front of ginows, only less than 1/3rd. shantys},,now with 2 days of RAIN this will change ,,lol less pepole on buckets in the rain vs few more pepole in shantys staying dry :lol: monday will show us what this dumb a$$ warm weather did to our new playground!


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