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The LSCN Boathouse

The general chat area. Here's where the biggest gathering of local boaters and water enthusiasts on the net hang out when they can't be on the lake. Sometimes serious, occasionally informative, ALWAYS entertaining!

  • 36,689 Topics
  • 599,499 Replies
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Lake Discussion

Talk about water levels, lake conditions, etc. here

  • 1,421 Topics
  • 17,134 Replies
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The Cook Book

Find and share recipes good for home or the boat, and with fish or without!

  1. Breakfast Recipes
  2. Appetizers/Side Dishes
  3. Fish recipes
  4. Small game, Wild bird, and Waterfowl recipes
  5. Venison Recipes
  6. Beef & Pork Recipes
  7. Chicken Recipes
  8. Pasta Recipes
  9. Desert Recipes
  10. Drink Recipes
  11. Soups & Salads
  12. Healthy Eating
  • 372 Topics
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A place to discuss local, state, national and world politics.

  • 4,130 Topics
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Local Sports

A place to discuss local professional and collegiate sports teams.

  1. Detroit Lions
  2. Detroit Tigers
  3. Detroit Red Wings
  4. Detroit Pistons
  5. Michigan State (All Sports)
  6. U of M (All Sports)
  • 44 Topics
  • 120 Replies
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Fuel Dock Price Watch

Keep an eye on gas prices around Lake St. Clair!

  • 31 Topics
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Site Issues & Website Help

Please post here any site-related issues/problems or any suggestions you might have regarding the site.

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Fishing Reports

Read and post Lake St. Clair fishing reports here.

  • 34,412 Topics
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The Fishing Hole

The place for General Discussion amongst the anglers on the site

  • 4,654 Topics
  • 46,194 Replies
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Tournament Talk

Discuss anything directly related to Fishing Tournaments here.

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Boat Tech

This is where you'll find answers to questions about boating products, as well as boat operation, maintenance, equipment and safety.

  1. Canvas
  2. Electronics
  3. Engine Shop
  4. Painting
  5. Plumbing
  6. Wood/Fiberglass Care
  • 2,256 Topics
  • 16,220 Replies
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PWC & Jet Boat Forum

Discuss Personal Watercraft and Jet Boats here.

  • 103 Topics
  • 594 Replies
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  • 205 Topics
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General Michigan Hunting

LSCN's place where our members also talk about other interests besides boating, like Wild game, gear, shooting events, and conservation efforts.

  • 2,608 Topics
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Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting

Posts about hunting the whitetail deer in Michigan with firearms, bows, etc.

  • 84 Topics
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Waterfowl Hunting

Discuss ducks, geese or other large aquatic birds.

  • 68 Topics
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The Lake St. Clair Network is a local social network for Lake St.Clair and surrounding waterways such as Detroit River, Clinton River, Lake Erie, Lake Huron and Lake Michigan.
We are the #1 source for Lake St.Clair Fishing Reports, Ice Fishing, Lake St. Clair News, Lake St.Clair Boating, Michigan Fishing and Michigan Hunting.