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great day outta crocker in front of 400 club 13.5 feet using a very old frog colored spinner caught 1 skinny 28 inch pike and 1 19inch fat bass 4.5 lbs, and 1 jumbo perch. Then it calmed down and headed out to find buoy 29 for some more perch, plotted 1 mile west 16.9 ft and 1st cast with a christmas tree tube something bent over my pole. I figured it's not goin nowhere with 30lb firewire but up. After about 10 minutes this 28inch pike was topwater, a fatty at 6.8lbs. My cousin Gregory got to drink alot of beer, get tangled lines 4 times,
caught this monster perch, lmao...and enjoyed the show........never was able to find the jumbo schools. There is always next weekend.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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