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10 Mile perch

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Went out of the Coast Guard station at 10 mile and Jefferson on Sunday. Spent the whole day using spikes and minnows to only come up with 3 perch under 8" between two of us. Went out again yesterday about 4:30 p.m. to try my luck again. About 5:30 went to pick up the jig to check the minnow when I noticed about 6 or 7 jumbo perch hanging just under the ice come rushing out to hit the minnow. Quickly caught one just under 11" pulled the dead minnow out of his mouth dropped it back just under the hole and pulled another in. Yelled out to the group around me to try just under the ice and before night fell we had close to 100 perch on the ice. Between my buddy and I we had probably caught 20 all of which fell between 9 and 14 inches. Would have never thought the fish would have been so high up must have been all the run off oxygenating the water.
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Went out again last night from 5:30pm till 7pm just off 10 mile. Fish were still right under the ice but seemed a lot more finicky. Had many large eggers come up to the minnow and push it with their nose and swim away. Ended up with a total of ten nice ones ranging from 8 to 12 inches by the end and lost about a 14" walleye back into the hole right before dark that caused me to drop to the ice and stuff my arm up to the armpit in the hole in hopes of snatching it back out but no luck. Ice is still about 14-16 inches but found lots of spots that had 6 inches.
A friend of mine fished the last 2 days north of the CG station and has gotten a dozen nice fish both days. He also got a walleye on Wed. Jigging rapalas, kens spoons and swedish pimples are the ticket. Said the ice near the pressure crack is getting bad so be careful out there guys.~~~~~~~><> AL
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