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living in oakland county and fishing busy lakes such as cass lake, white lake, pontiac lake, and tipsico, i have had many an expereince with jet skiiers aka floating idiots. NOT ALL are idiots. i have been known to take the occasional ride myself. i have seen some stupid people doing some stupid things.

while fishing a tournament on white lake last year, a jet skiier thought it might be fun to do 3,000 circles about 20 ft from where my boat was while where we were fishing. i asked the guy to give us some space and told him that we were fishing in a tournament. he replied " its a free lake man, go somewhere else"! i tied on a 1 oz jig and made a powerful side arm cast. the jig smashed the side of his jet ski with a pretty loud bang. he was pretty mad at this point and asked what the hell i was doing. i told him that the spot i wanted to fish was just on the other side of him and i figured it being a free lake and him having the option to move to another area, that it would be no problem to cast there.

he invited me back to shore to "talk" things over. he followed me about 3/4 of the way back, then he yelled some naughty words my way and took off.

my cousin almost lost her life to a jet skiier. her and my aunt and uncle went out on a lake in oregon for a day of fun on the boat. they were tubing and a jet skiier kept coming up behind my cousins tube to hit her waves. they had asked the person to stop a few times and the guy would back off for a few minutes. but when he came back one of the times, he hit her so hard that she flew 30 feet in the air and she was split from just below her neck to just below her waste. she was born with only one good kidney and faced problems all her life. now because of the stupidity and care;lessness of another, she has lost her only good kidney, had to undergo 2 kidney transplants and has to do dialisys (sp?) every week. she is constantly in the hospital and her life expectancy has been cut in half.

in short i would just like to say to the jet skiiers, use your heads. remember that water is dangerous. boats dont have breaks and its not as easy to see something that small as some might think. dont put yourself or anyone else at risk or you may get a 1 oz jig upside the head. AND STOP HURTING MY LOVED ONES, and other peoples loved ones

madman himself
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