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QUOTE(djkimmel @ May 22 2003, 11:47 PM)Boat ramps were great cheap entertainment even before jet skis were spawned by Hades (or wherever they came from).

I must not hate all jet skis. I've save many of their lives by not running them down when they blindly cut across in front of my boat while I'm going as fast or faster than them.

I even rescued the jet skier who swamped his rig out by the shipping channel a few years back and towed his floundering rig in. I actually did it because he had his young son with him in 63F water. He was very upset because a lot of boats had gone by without stopping to help. He was near panic when we pulled up. His son was really cold and in the uncontrollable shivering stage. It's sad that a few have made things so bad that people wouldn't help one in trouble, but he also should know better than to head offshore unprepared too, especially with a young child.
Good move, hope a few folks realize how many bass boats are out there and how many times they help people.
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