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Me and a buddy starting fishing at 7:15. Had fish around all morning. Fish were skittish after 10:00 but we would catch a few every hour or so until 5:30 when they came back, we left at 6:30. Ended up keeping 15, biggest was 11" with a 8" bluegill mixed in. Pike had the perch moving, we had 3 line snaps between us. Silver Kens with read egg caught most fish, minnows caught the rest.

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Seeing as how nice it was out and this was probably my last weekend, three of us went back sunday evening. Started fishing at 3:00. Fishing was slow. Brought home 8 more keepers tho. Hopefully my buddy will send me a pic, but it was nothing great. Minnows were catching the fish. Fished in 5 FOW. Ice is getting bad near the dirt ramp. Bring on the soft water!

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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