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#5 To Go 1000

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So I am going to plagerize CBJ's idea and write a story.

The date was June 27th, Jobbie Nooner, MartiGras in Lake StClair. This was the one time of the year when everybody that worked around Detroit came out to play together, and do they play hard when they get together. Thousands and thousands of people on a little island made from excess dredgings owned by it's creators, the Army Corps of Engineers. Gull Island was the name of this little part of Lousiana stuffed in the middle of Lake StClair. If you are unfamiliar with Lake StClair, it is a wide shallow puddle in the river that flows water from Lake Huron to Lake Erie. It is also home to more personally owned watercraft than anywhere else in the world.
In years past, there have been problems on this day on that little island. Police have tried to stop it, the press has given this celebration a bad rap. People have been hurt, property has been damaged. Even with all of the problems, the party went on and continues to go on, year after year, getting bigger each season.
This year, the people of the Lake StClair network got together and decided to put a slightly different face on the day dreaded by all of the authorities. The Lake StClair network is a group of people, first drempt up by Captain Rob Schoenmann, and was brought into being with his partners Captain Chris, Captain Mike, and Mongo. This foursome created LSCN to advertise their talents and offer a place for boaters to communicate with one another about happenings on and around the lake or anything else this very specific community chose to. It was the "anything else" that turned this advertisement into an avalanche of a company. In late 2002, there was the first official gathering of LSCN members. From that point, there has been a constant party on the internet at So this group of more than 1000 boaters decided to help the reputation of a party that's reputation was in very bad need of help. Here's what happened………………..
A small group of LSCNers went to Ceader Point in October being transported in a BIG RED BUS and on the drive or should I say rolling party home, a member who's memory isn't too clear suggested to the owners of this rolling reminder that childhood never ends that they all get together and figure out a way to bring the bus to Gull for the 'nooner. The TAXMAN said he knew some people that own a barge and might be able to help. Captain Peggleg said he would organize necessities such as a generator, tents, beer, etc. and then entheusiastically told the forget-full driver not to turn so sharp. The man who called himself TheBigRedBusDriver was there, but asleep, and not driving. Not too much was heard after that about the party transport making it to the island until one day in late January. Soon all of the arrangements were made and it was just the time that needed to pass until that day in June. The bus made it to the island without much of a fuss. This year unlike the last was a nice summery day which helped make it easy to navigate the barge. On the first day, there were more members than one could count. The first one to open a beer was Hammer, I know this because of the gold fingernails and the really loud , "Social" bellowing out of this really tall fellow. Speaking of tall, XO was there with DrXO and DrXO was trying not beat up DrPhil. Captain Beer Jammer and Captain Peggleg were both there and acting like brothers. The whole LSCN crew is like a big family. Mr Sowder drove there with his Saleena. The Instigator left late but made it in Sonic speed beating even Merlin. JasonR left early, but showed up really late. Big's Silverton was the tallest boat there, even taller than TrojanDave's. From the top of the flybridge, a person could see Pauligan showing her footballs for beads all the way on the other side of the island. Shandog brought a fold out dance floor that Merlin made spin. Evil Eddie was in a fight with Fast Eddie and Fast Eddie ended up face down on Shandogs floor. PromQueen went with Rerun and they started out happy until she found out that Rerun was allowing Houligan to paddle him. Then she smacked him around until someone said HopOn my boat to him. On that boat he was Pampurred for a while by a bunch of PartyChicks. He saw the CameraGuy and decided to leave before the Nosey Person found out and told JabberJaws. He was seen later with P-28 still trying to change his name to P-30. They made a good team because Rerun was hitting on every underage girl around, while P-28 had much much older tastes. Mini, and Ken Neeley didn't know what pole to use being surrounded by landsharks. Tsunamihart was just a big wind bag really, but SurfergirlCK was able to quell his attitude by being a FunHappyGirl. Mrs.Sunbum was there handing out sunscreen and advise to Norman Papermann about how to run away to a tropical climate. Tatoo Todd was a hit with the ladies, but he eventually ended up with Three Crabs sitting on the BudCouch. Star Sailor found a deep spot that would accommodate his keel and said, "this is a Perfect Fit" Captain Mike Ryan was there and people were saying that he smelled worse than a BoatMonkey. The Topic Police jumped in and said that this party is "all about the love" and it is rude to say someone is smelly, no matter how they tighten their pants. SuperBikerBabe put BabyFaceCorleone in a headlock and made him say godfather. Loud454 was there with 1KillerBabe, and as soon as he finished smoking some nice buds of MaryJane, told everybody to wake him Manana. 1KillerBabe was off SpellChecking and when she returned asked about Loud454. After she learned about his slumber, she said MananaII and disappeared like a GreyGhost. Mrs.P29 FunPolice found out about the MaryJane and told any Traveler that had even a DaileyInterest. She should have been more concerned about SnowMaker than any recreational MaryJane. There was CanehdianGirl that was a real Sunluvr or BoatChic. Her Freckles really showed and there were no tan lines which meant that she tanned Eagle1. Amielou came up to PyrateJim with something that she found in the water, and he said, "damn, that's a PirlGirl. When the sun went down, the romantic Tpaige said there was a beautiful SailorMoon. Zeeb and ~John~ asked where JennyJennyII were, and Dana said TrueNorth. EZC, Btenn, Bill272, and Joice were playing poker and everybody was cheating. RFdeiter tried to find out what EZC had in his hand, but all he kept saying was 4U2NV although all he really had was a Deuce-Five. Joyce asked the Wiz about a Carrera boat because she really liked the Designie and the Marine Detail, and thought that it would be great Family Fun. MsCin was interviewd by KLM Media and was asked if she knew that the FirstLady was a Peeker on the island, and if she knew anybody prettier than the FirstLady. MsCin's answer was that the FirstLady was just a Girlie.

The way that they changed the reputation of Jobbie Nooner was that they turned it into a Patriot charity event. The LSCN gang collected all the empty bottles and cans, returned them and donated the money to the Save Our South Channel Lights foundation.
TO BE CONTINUED…………………….. I gotta go to bed.
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Long winded there weren't ya boy!?!? Worth reading though.... I made it in there a couple times...... woooo hoooooo!!!!!!!!
I tried to get everybody, but missed P-29 and others that I haven't noticed yet. Sorry to those that I missed.

The people here on LSCN are quite a big part of my life and I want you all to know how awesome I think this group is.
Excellent , Hazy you should start writing speeches for politicians.
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Hazy, awesome......What a nice compliment to all of the LSCN folks....
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OK, I found my name. I don't know if I have time to read the whole thing. I only have an 8-hour work day.
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I liked the references to P28 (Jesse) being with the older women... had an instant flashback to Parrott Cove......... lol
Damn Hazy; I think you got just about everybody. Good Job
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Holy Crap!!! I think I went cross-eyed several times reading all some lines 3 times...LOL.

Good story, must have spent a lot of time on it! Hey, what kinda medication did they give you? JOKING!! Congratulations on hitting the big 1000 postaholic club!
Congratulations!! You did a good job trying to get everybody's name in there! But my eyes were bugging!
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The names should all be in bold.
thankyou everybody, actually it was quite a bit longer originally and I chopped it way down, but it lost some of it's funny-ness and sarcasm. I didn't get the Warden or Antoinette though.
That was good Hazy and welcome to the K club. Pretty soon there will be plenty of us in here.
I had a request from a lurker to go find this.....
QUOTE(HazyMemory @ Feb 12 2003, 07:23 PM)I had a request from a lurker to go find this.....
Yeah. OK. Sure.
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she was asking me about JN and I told her all about it and about the begining of my story and then she asked me to find it for her.
WoW weren't $hitting earlier about how they add up.

From Jan 30 to now you have acquired another 500+ posts - You are cruisin bud!

Way to go - and nice story too!
Nothing to say. I just wanted to be tied with Shan.
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