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Convincor has the same engine in his boat.

Hazymemory may have some trouble shooting tools.

Bill272, Gray864 may have some ideas too.

Can you free rev it at 3000 rpm + for a long time ?

Simple look would be to check your fuel filter, water seperator, check fuel pick up make sure there is no debris in tank, check lines to the engine for cracks, vacuum, look at fuel pump. could possibbley be a fuel issue, may be an issue of amperage (electric) if you are shy on electric, your fuel system will not operate properly, injectors should be electronic, as is your firing, and other sensors.
I know my neighbor just had this issue with his truck, bad alternator, low system volts did not run the injectors and firing order properly, had the computers all goofed up, idle was fine, free rev fine, then once he got on expressway, hit it, and fell on its face, no power, would basically shut down, he then put on new alternator all is good.

Good Luck !!!, keep me posted, call me if you need some help too.....I will help where I can.
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