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QUOTE(schram @ Aug 5 2009, 12:47 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>How would you like to go to your first spot on the Geo Bay and catch a 56'' in the first 10 min lol??? under pike and muskie forums

That pig was caught with Guide Jonny Dadson, he called the next day and told us about it and how it was caught with the bucktails (Boo Dadleys & Lil Darlins) he just made up and sent out for us.

They should be here very soon, all new color selections, we have a load coming, so come get em, hottest tails on the lake

Soon enough our great lake will be giving up beauties like that consistently, those are some nice fish

Johnny is a cool guy, if anyone gets a chance to get up there be sure to look him up for some crazy action, his website is pretty wild too

Hope To See Everyone Soon,

Fish On

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Harrison Twp. MI. 48045
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