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6-10-09 Report

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Went out with a good friend of mine last night from the point at metro to Gino's. The wind was very light and the boats were stacked up a little out there. Couldnt get a good drift at ALL. It was like standing in one spot. We tried BB's with a few different crawler harness's and inline sinkers, split shots, and no weight at all..NADA. I tried Mepps, Texas rig plastic gulps, White YUM grubs on jigs, Gulp/real crawlers on the harness..NADA. Fish were jumping around us and we couldn't get a hit. I was watching the other boats and it didn't look like anyone was catching fish!

We were out from 6pm till 930pm

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I am pretty sure the fish flys dinners those fish are having does not help!

Way to give it a go!
Absolutely they are gorging themselves on fishflys. Try using small, dark blades on crawler harnesses with small dark colored beads and #6 or #8 hooks. Anything that looks like an emerging Mayfly. Heck go to a flyshop and buy something that looks like a Mayfly. Drift with them suspended or ause tiny split shot and slowly raise and lower it like a jig..
When the Fish flies start to hatch I have always had my best luck with topwater lures for the smallies. when you see one surface throw the topwater inside the rings and they will hit it every time
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I agree about the no wind and no drift part but we got into the fish in that area you just gotta look for the right kinda weeds. anywhere we could find clumps of grass in about 9 foot of water, not solid weeds but just clumps here and there and then it would go back to flat bottom. 2 walleyes, 26 monster gills and 3 perch over 10 inches are what we kept but had numerous rock bass, a pike, a few sheephead and some smallies and largemouths. dark harnesses worked best but with the low wind we just put only one split shot and only put them back maybe 10 -15 feet to keep them right above the tops of the weeds. I seen a few guys pull up a gill here and there or a perch or two but i was kinda shocked because we were right with the rest of the boats.
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