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6-12-09 report

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Headed out a little later than normal about 10am but with the little wind i decided to try out by the st clair light for some perch. drifted bottom bouncers and harnesses trying to find weeds and some schools but all i found were dinks. as fast as i could get it down to the bottom i had another one on, everyone anchored around me seemed to be doing the same if not a little slower. seen some boats up by the red 26 can all anchored so i tried up there and nothing to speak of and the guys I talked to said real slow day. figured i would go back over by ginos to pick up some more monster gills ive been getting and sure enough picked up 10 real nice ones in little over and hour and one small eye and called it a day. With the bright sun all chrome with a chrome hammered blade seemed to work best. Any other word on the channel today or out in front of the yacht club?
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