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7/18 LSC report

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Finally made it out today, despite the rather crappy weather. Launched at Crocker and headed out drifting harnesses and b/b from 13fow, out to 20 fow. 1 very nice 22" walleye, several smallmouth, several rockies, and a bunch of perch. All perch were 7" or under so they went back in. The biggest smallie was pushing 4 pounds and had a tube bait lodged in his throat. So we did the best we could to get it out. Couldnt believe he was trying to eat still with that lure obstructing his whole troat. Best area was 18-20 fow, where the big smallie and walleye came, a lot of the perch and all the rockies came in the shallower water. Had the lake to ourself practically.
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Good job on the smallie & nice report
great report........they dont call em Pig Smallies for nothin
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