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me and a friend went fishing yesterday, he was out since 10:00 and when i got there he still had not landed anything. had a few bites but nothing in the boat. so i got there at 1:30, not even 10 minutes in the boat, i hit a 11" Rock Bass, he was a lil ticked, lol. but that was the only fish we seen for about 4 hours, then he landed a nice 17" smallie. so as were cruisin along i notice Papa Smurfs boat, so we talked and bs'd a little. so as were talkin, i get a phone dumbass did not put my phone back in my pocket so when i stood up, ploop right in the drink, grrrr first reaction was to jump in but its dead so as another thing is sshhiittyy, i try forgetting about it. talked for a few then headed back into new baltimore since it was about 7:30-8:00. caught a few perch drifting infront of NB, nothing over 6". so at about 9 we decided the bugs were enough and headed in. my car was in NB, the trailer was at Brandenburg, so he drops me off at my car and i shoot over to the launch to help him out. boats out and on our way home...... headed up jefferson coming to the light at 23 mile, i slowed down for the turn but never seen some guy walkin across the street, and he was carrying groceries from VGs. i did not see him until he was on my windshield. when i talked to him and askin him ????s he said he jumped to take the impact, and that he did as he bounced off my windshield. i have never in my life, felt so bad about something i did. the cops and the witness to me it wasnt my fault, then since he was only maybe 100 feet from his door, his roomate comes out telling the cops about pedestrians have the right away, then she says plus he has a disability, the cop asks well whats the disability? his VISION!!!! wtf is he walkin to the grocery store at night for? in his grocery bag, and im not sure if it was just me freakin out or budwieser came out with a new beer bottle thats HUGE, alot bigger than a 40oz but that was the only thing besides bread that did not shatter and cover the road. about the guy: after the hit, as soon as i was out of the car, he was layin on the ground smothered in blood on the right side of his face, the one of the NBFD guys walked over to me and to me the guy is in good condition and has no broken bones or anything. and he'll be fine. but that was last night and hopefully he makes alot of progress. once again i have never felt this bad in my life.

funny, i was gonna ask a mod if i could change my ID, but sshhiittyy kinda fits most things that happen to me, but alot of people dont like my name on this site, as i found out through a few PMs, lol but im not trying to offend anyone.

Soooo, PAPA SMURF, how'd your night go? how'd ya do?
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Yeah, that about fits for a bad day.
Wow, that is a bad day, check your PM's.
OMG bro...i thought your bad luck with the phone wouldnt carry onto the road...thats NUTS. Sorry to hear that...but glad nobody was hurt and you didnt get ticketed. I gotta tell ya bro, it was cool tying up and chillin for a nice lil smoke break.
Your buddy was a cool cat with a nice boat. Esp for free...cant beat that.

We didnt end up getting anything. 2nd time out gettin skunked...which outta 22 times so far this year, isnt a bad average. After you guys split off our boat to fish, we ended up fishing the same area for approx 30 mins, then split out towards grass (brunner) island. I tried fishing the break, but didnt get any bites myself. My girlfriend had a few bites off of her tube, but couldnt get anything to commit. Rookie mistakes, but its all in the good. Decided to try the break to the W of the 7 sisters, with no luck. Ended up going to where your phone was and tied on a cellphone lure with extra big hooks. No luck tho bro, sorry on that one.
Those little white bugs are some MOFOs for sure...they ended up almost coating the we called it quits around 10. No fish, but any time on the lake is a good time for me. I was pitching lipless cranks fast/slow and mepps fast/slow. Cant say we didnt try right.

We'll have to go fishing again soon.

p.s....fairhaven launch SUCKS when its busy. I had a guy cut me right off as I was about to launch AND when I was coming off the lake. Whats up with these people? They got no patience or manners...Its a complete free-for-all. I wont ever make the mistake of going there again. Talk about wanting some M-80s to blow some people up! Speakin of blowing people up...hope everyone had a good 4th of july weekend.
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D*mn dude......that truly qualifies as a bad day.
I'm glad to hear the guy was alright.
WOW. Bad luck for sure dude. Glad no one was hurt and it wasnt your fault.

Keep the name. The he!! with everyone else as long as you like it!!! I think its hilarious!!!
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Sorry to hear about the bad streak, as far as a-holes at the launches, just part of boating I guess, last weekend I was returning to the algonac dnr launch, saw a boat coming from my left but didn't think nothin of it he was way behind and I had the "right of way", long story short, he cuts me off by no more than 15 feet, on plane doin bout 25-30, slams it into reverse at the dock, I just circled one time and pulled in next to him after the boat that was there pulled out, I'm sure that this is the "fast way" to save time at the ramps tho, but the poor old dude with his grandson in the 14 ft aluminum boat that got swept under the dock a lil by the wake was not impressed, he was all over the poor guy in the booth, and to top it off, the guys dad who was holding the rope while his son got the truck asked us how we did fishing, I can only laugh at this silliness, or start putting my FAL under the front seat, JK at least my wife wasn't with me this time, and this guy didn't even have a bass boat,, HAHA


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well after a day like yesterday, theres no way im willing to get rid of it, it just fits, thats how it was created anyways, things just get sshhiittyy sometimes, but thanks for the support!!

minus the few sshhiittyy things that happened, im still glad i got out, i seen Papa smurf out there, met his g/f, it wasnt to bad til i dropped the phone, lol and i caught an 11 inch Rocky, but decided that if i only want perch and walleyes, why am i bringing these home? well actually, i love rockies, always a fun fight and they taste good, this was my first year trying them on the table and i was impressed. so i threw him back and after meeting up with Papa, i ended up hitting a few perch and although they were dinks, i was a little happy just to get em in the boat. plus my buddy freaks out when he catches a decent fish like Iconelli, just starts yelling, so if anyone hears WOW DUDE.....WHATTA BEAST, thats my buddy, lol i love his reactions sometimes, lol while he gets irritated cuz im a modest person, i might smile big, but thats about it. LOL he's hilarious, its always fun though we dont catch "that many" fish.

thanks again all
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wow theres always the old story. i thought my day was bad. till i read your days story. hope everything turns out well.
QUOTE(sshhiittyy @ Jul 6 2009, 10:08 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>funny, i was gonna ask a mod if i could change my ID, but sshhiittyy kinda fits most things that happen to me, but alot of people dont like my name on this site, as i found out through a few PMs, lol but im not trying to offend anyone.

You should see what people think about avatars!!! I won't change them til the MODERATOR tells me to. You chose your name for a reason, run with it. Hope that blind idiot is ok. I'm sure he didn't deserve it but man. Guess some lessons gotta be learned the hard way! Tough luck on the fishing, but at least you got out. Tight lines.
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