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a friends is looking for a fishing boat for sale

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anyone know anything?

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I pass one that is outside on 14 mile between groesbeck and garfield. No idea on price sorry
Connie got a hold of me on FB. I told he to check the classifieds here. There are a few of them
Plenty on Craig's list.
There is one at Shook and Harper... Not sure of the price, will look on my way home. Looks pretty good from first glance though....
I have a 15' fiberglass Starcraft for sale. It has a trailer with new tires and a 75 hp Johnson. It's older and needs seats and a battery but it is solid and runs good. He will probably spend more for an aluminum boat and motor. PM me if he's interested.
thanks for the help, but he ended up getting something thanks!!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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