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A good Merc Repair Man

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Hey guy's...

I am looking for a good Merc service man. Someone who is good with carbs and tune-ups...

Last year I was having some trouble with my motor bogging down and I took it to several different establishments. Now my boat is still not running right ( I think it's worse) I am over 1000.00 lesser and I have lost over 10 MPH of the top end and 700 RPM. What gives.... is there a good Merc man around?

These guys have messed up my Motor big time.
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ABA I posted this last year but the fellow you want is Jack Bachman his phone # is 586-949-5863. TRell him I sent you and you might save a couple of bucks. He keep my 115 running for 14 years for me for the most part. Bob Brunner
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Just a idea when was the fuel filter changed last and how's the spark plug wire's and plugs? What motor is it?

h2o---says just trying to help.

I think you live up in Cardinal country if I remember correctly, having met you at this years Ford field show. If indeed that's the case then you have probably already been to see the guy I would recommend. Just in case you haven't his first name is Nelson and he is at Jan's.

You should have brought ur boat with u when u came to D and R this past weekend. I think that anyone that has used us before will tell u that we are second to none.
Everyone has there own favorite place to go mine is dock box on 9 and jefferson,, I f your not happy they do what ever it takes to make you happy.. Honest too will never recomend work that you dont need. ask 4 dino
Anthony, Dogfish isn't kidding Nelson at Jan's is a awsome Merc technician I have'nt seen anything that he has'nt been able to fix yet.
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By the way ABA if your in the area Jack has tools and will travel.. Give him a call. Bob
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