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QUOTE(surfergirlck @ Jan 19 2004, 03:06 PM)... bag your own groceries? i've seen places where the customer is required to bag their own, but when i go to farmer jack's or kroger or what have you, i REFUSE to bag my own. not to be a snob, but that's what they're being paid to do, right? so why should i do their job? i don't expect them to do mine.

also... doesn't it crack you up when you buy, say, nine items and you walk out with, like, SEVEN bags!??! lmao!!
I HATE that!!! I'll tell the kid packing to knock it off and fill the damn bag up! And I have no problem doin' my own, as I had that job when I was a kid, and it brings back some good memories! BTW, no plastic back then!

Another of my pet peeves is at the deli counter, (Farmer Jack is where I go), they put your schtuff into these nice ziploc bags, then roll the bags up and put the sticker over to hold it closed? Why can't they 'zip' up the bag? I gotta stand there, carefully unstick the barcode sticker, and zip up the bag??

And how come in Michigan you can't buy beer before noon on Sundays? Like this is gonna make me want to go to church instead?
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