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fished the first event for the ABA this sunday. wasnt a very big turnout. only 12 guys showed up.

it was a good tourney anyway. first place was 12.64 ( give or take) 2nd place was a little over 10 and a half pounds. third place was 9.99 ( me

like to see more people doing this. if anyone wants to fish a tourney as a boater or a non boater, i invite you to check out what anthony adams is doing. he puts on a good show.

the next tournament is to be held on lake st clair on june 22.
we will be launching at the clinto river cutoff.

if anyone needs info, just ask me or anthony (he is on here also ) or go to the aba website.

madman himself

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Thanks for the positive reinforcement Madman,

I thought I would let you know that 5 new members have signed up this week. The turnout on Lake St. Clair should be a much better turnout. The feedback I am getting was the storm warnings scared guys into staying home. Unfortunately they missed a fun event and a fairly nice day aside from the minor rain.

It looks like the core group of fishermen we currently have signed up is solid and great bunch of guys. I'm am excited and looking forward to fishing more events with guys like Madman.

ABA - Director
Anthony Adams

As your director I believe in promoting the enjoyment of fishing to all individuals. I encourage good sportsmanship and preserving of all natural resources. I strongly encourage all individuals regardless of age, race, or gender to be more involved in the world of fishing
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