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Abu Garcia Revo Toro review

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Abu Garcia Revo Toro review
Price $269.99
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Abu Garcia Revo Toro 50 5.4:1 Gear ratio
Spooled with 50lb power pro
Rod: 7'6" Guild series Proselect Muskie MH action.

I decided to write this review since I have yet to really see one on this reel. I based this review off of the experience that I have with other bait casters for muskie and bass. I have now used this Abu Garcia reel for approximately 20 hours of fishing both in casting and trolling.

Well I was impressed with this reel when I got it out of the box but like any new equipment I want to see how it performs. The construction of the reel looks very heavy duty. The nice addition to this reel was the added power handle which I did not test out but I am sure would work great in many applications. The reel was easy to palm and I just needed to do some fishing to find out if it is comfortable to fish with all day long.

I used a variety of body baits and bucktails to test out the casting on this reel. The lure weights ranged from 3/4-3oz. All of the baits were casting well even the smaller ones. The braking system is a 6 pin system that has adjustable weights, It can be accessed by loosening a single screw and removing the side plate. Like any bait caster once the reel was adjusted properly with the spool I could make long smooth casts with minimal bird nesting. The nice feature on this reel was the synchronized level wind that will work during a cast this allowed the line leave the spool with less resistance and to lay evenly back on the spool during retrieve. For all of my testing I kept the braking system set to 3 of 6 weights extended for braking. Over all casting was a breeze and I felt there was less effort needed to cast and still make the distance.

Retrieve/Fish fighting
From the start I noticed how much longer the handles were on this reel compared to other bait casters like the Abu Garcia Record 60 and the C4 series. When retrieving resistance baits I found the longer handle made it easier to retrieve. For trolling applications the line out alarm was a great added feature which was tested out and held up nice. Abu Garcia has great placement for the switch to control this function it is recessed into the side and can not be accidentally activated like it is on a record reels or C4 reels. The Star drag setup is a click able adjustment and held up smooth when fighting fish. The lower gear ratio also helped out a lot at 5.4:1. As for fighting fish a 3lb LM bass was easy to reel in. Unfortunately I only hooked up to 1 monster muskie casting and it was boat side and she was able to throw the hook. The fish we caught trolling with this reel did give me a work out but the reel preformed nicely. First we hooked up a 10lb catfish with really was fighting hard but I had no trouble reeling it in 50-75 yards. Next we landed a 36in 10+lb muskie and the reel did its job reeling that monster in 50-75 yards. With both of these fish the drag held up great and the line out alarm feature was a great help to alert us that we have a fish on.

Since I live about 1 hour away from Lake St. Clair I will go out for 8-12 hours per trip. It was important that the reel is comfortable to hold for that period of time. Well This reel was very comfortable to hold for long periods of time. Compared to my record 60 the low profile made all of the difference. I felt more connected to the rod and reel when I held it because it was easy to palm. After 2 days of casting I still felt that the reel was easy to hold and I was not feeling any fatigue from holding the reel. This reel is also lighter in weight which also helped out when you are casting for an entire day. The only issue I did have was with my rod where the twist lock for the reel seat was bothering my fingers because of how I was palming the reel. This was a minor issue with the rod but I adjusted my grip to be a little more relaxed and that fixed the issue for me. If it continues to bother me I would put some tape on the rod. As mentioned before the handle is longer and the larger padded handles were comfortable to grip when retrieving.
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This reel is more expensive than most but for a low profile reel that is rated for muskie there are only 2 choices that I found and they were the Revo Toro and the Curado 300E. Unfortunately the Curado 300E lacks some of the features and does not offer a lower gear ratio. This reel has performed to all of my expectations. The true test will be to see how it holds up after years of use. Overall I am having a great experience with this reel and I would recommend this as very nice muskie casting reel.


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wow great report did you buy stock?? j/k man if i had the cash i would get one i'm glade it's working out for you thanks for the info
Thanks, Ive been waiting to hear your review. Ive had my eye on this reel all winter, glad it worked out for ya.
What on earth could possibly make a fishing reel worth $270??! That thing had better give me a bj'er too for that price.
QUOTE(Algoangler @ Jun 28 2009, 07:15 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>What on earth could possibly make a fishing reel worth $270??! That thing had better give me a bj'er too for that price.

$270 is a bargain compared to my fly reels. I wish they cost that.

One thing I've found is, you get what you pay for. Sure, there's good gear on the cheap out there, but there's a reason some fly reels cost $700. And it comes down to three things-

1) Quality
2) Features
3) Service

Case in point, I recently geared myself up with some conventional muskie tackle to have in the boat for when I'm tired of fly casting for 9 hours in a day, or when the wind is blowing into my rod arm and I'm feeling my flies and 10/0 whistling by my ear, or for when a buddy comes to visit and isn't into flycasting; I've got gear for him, and just for a change something to throw to contact more fish when the flies aren't producing even follows (as happens often enough).

So my first rod was a St. Croix Premier with a Shimano Calcutta. I was out the door for a good amount of $$$$. Then I wanted an even heavier rod for Dawgs so I got a MI Bull Dawg rod to handle 16 oz baits. I had just dropped coin on my first rod and reel, so wanted to pull back a bit on the second reel- I'm mean hey, I'm reeling Dawgs which is cake right? So I went with a lesser reel; made in Bangladesh or some place and saved some money. That's right, first day out and the entire handle and gear train comes loose. It still works, but is shot. I promptly returned and got myself another properly made Calcutta.

Not saying you gotta break the bank to catch fish, and not saying that anyone's gear is better than someone elses. And I'm especially not saying that more expensive gear does a better fisherman make. All I'm saying is you get what you pay for, and I've always lived by that. The one time in the last 10 years that I've gone against that, and it proves me right when I skimped and got a crappy reel.

Alex, I'm glad your reel is da bomb man. I looked at those, but the Calcutta just spoke to me, and it felt good in my hand. My Dad is a long-time Abu guy. He loves 'em.
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THANX for the report. Was thinking of buying a baitcasting reel for a muskie setup, everyone says thats the way to go. I have always used spinning reels. Since your first post I have been checking them out on ebay and may just buy one if I can get a good deal on one.
Great review, Alex. Sounds like you connected on Hudson. Good job.
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