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age for canadian fishing license

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If you are under the age that requires a license and want to fish in a BFL or everstart tournament would I need to purchase a license first or can i still fish without one, if im under the age of 18, which i believe is the age to require a license. thanks for the help
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You have to be 18-65 to need a license, But you have to have your birth certificate. if under 18 or over 65.

h2o<--says good luck fishing. LiteLine.
False...If you are under 18, you don't need one. However, if you want to keep fish (in a livewell to weigh in) You can either have you and a license holder share one limit, or you can purchase your own license and then keep fish . In other words, you need one to keep your own limit.
This is what i read:

h2o<--thanks DPR i don't want to mis-lead anyone
h2o - got to watch the fine details...

I live outside of Canada. Do I need a licence to fish in Ontario?
Anyone who lives outside of Canada is considered a non-resident for the purposes of fishing licence regulations. Most non-residents need a fishing licence to fish in Ontario. Specifically:

-Non-residents 18 years of age and over must purchase a fishing licence.

-Non-residents under 18 years of age may fish without a licence if accompanied by a adult who has a recreational fishing licence. Any fish caught are part of the catch and possession limit of the adult who holds the licence. As another option, non-residents under 18 years may purchase a licence and any fish caught apply to the catch and possession limits of that licence.

Non-residents 65 years of age or older are not exempt from licencing.

The Canucks aren't as generous to non-residents (same as pretty much every where else).
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