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Am I the Only One

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Is it me, or did everyone who received the new Cabelas Tackle Shop Cataloge drool just a little bit at the new reels and tackle? I have already circled the reels I want now I just need to get this infront of the boss so she knows what to get me in april.

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Come on Greg, everyone knows that Cabelas' is for hunting gear....Fishing gear comes from Bass Pro.

We'll let it slide this one time


You know nothing ever good came out of New Hampshire I also have not received my Bass Pro shops catalog yet.

Thanks, Hey how do you like your first michigan winter? I talked to my dad and they are getting lots of snow in milford nh.

I had a great mail delivery on Monday. I got my Cabela's and BPS catalogs and my Infisherman magazine all on the same day. The new Eagle Fishmark 320 on the back of the Cabela's catalog looks like a lot of fishfinder for the money too. But, then again, anything to do with fishing and boating looks good right now.

Odd! I find myself taking a seat in the john more often at work after I get those catalogs. I just emailed a buddy this morning saying how the old winter stress level is going up. I am already tired of the indoor house projects. I need those catalogs to keep me sane.

I have to say looking through the Catalog that the Shimano Stella reel looks beautiful. MarkE I registered with BPS last night. I have actually never purchased anything from Cabelas, I usually drive out to BPS to do all my shopping.

Winter? This is nothing!! I was just in NH last week. It was my first time back since I came out in September and all it did was snow while I was there. There was almost 3feet when I left

Next time you're at BPS stop by the boat department and say hi.

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