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Anchor Bay

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Hello, I am a new member. This is a great website. Coming up for a long weekend of Pike fishing from central Indiana. I have been watching the weather and was wondering if Anchor Bay is a mud hole. I do not want to travel 300 hundred miles if the water is to dirty to fish. How is the North Channel. Any tips on where to Pike fish (Salt River area, Fair Haven, Selfridge, or North Channel), any advise will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Magnum
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It was Sunday...from the storm and winds...generally it is clear
I hear all those places you mentioned have fish. In past years, I have fished all along the N. Channel & Sni in every cut & flat & always have done very well. We plan on going out this monday to try. There are so many good places to fish around the Bay. If one place has some dirty water, it won't take long to find some clear water & fish.

Does anybody have any Water Temps for Anchor Bay & the N. Channel????
I was just out there last night, i was muddy but I was able to get a couple of fish in the boat. I always use brightly colored lures when the water is not all that clear.
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