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Took my brother for our annual bass opener fishing trip here's what we caught, where we caught them and how:
20" Smallmouth, 14" perch and 8 jumbos, none under 11"!

Unfortunately, we had to put up with Yahoos in 30'+ boats that just HAD to get close enough to me in my lil 14' to have a look-see.

Don't you just love those guys that send you a 4' wake as they go by, and then after they have passed you....... look over their shoulder to see if they swamped you?
Oh, well that's the breaks for a poor mans fishing rig!

Caught all of the fish using walleye minnows w/ a slip bobber, these bobbers are shaped like the fletching of an arrow (I can't remember the brand name).
Most of the fish were caught in 12' of water and we were anchored, straight out from Metro beach. We trolled for hours for walleye without any luck, the water in close is very stained due to the heavy rains.

Although I limited out on the graph in the stained water, we couldn't entice a walleye to bite. We trolled in every depth imaginable with no luck.
In close to Metro I caught some silver bass and marked a ton of them in 6' of water.

Tip: When using a slip bobber add enough weight to keep 1/2 of the bobber submerged. When hooking your minnow: Make sure the barb is facing the head of the minnow, you'll improve your hook set substantially by doing so!

Good Luck & Good Fishing!
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