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arrived Thursday to celebrate Canada Day w/ friends in Tecumseh. Was on water with another couple & 2 kids by 3:00 PM. Fished for an hour or so in 10 FOW from Belle River back towards Lakeview Launch. Lost a large bass due to failure of worm harness.
Friday launched at Belle River due to tournament. No hits in 12 FOW but 1 large smallie and 1 large perch in 9 feet trolling chartreuse spinner back towards boat launch. Kids were seasick so I went back out alone to white and orange marker out from Belle River, found an 8 ft hump and caught a couple more decent fish b4 a bassboat moved onto the spot and I left him to it.
Saturday AM stopped for worms at R & D tackle in Belle River and the fellow set me off for the fishing grounds 35 degrees off the launch 7 miles out until you find the boats trolling. Within 2 hours we had boated a small muskie off the inline board, a 48" muskie off the big board and a walleye that hit a fouled line when a newbie guest turned our boat over our lines. We landed all fish in a 17' boat w/ 4 adults and 2 small children. Thanks again to the Reids at R & D tackle for the heads up. We'll be down again and use his services.
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