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Friday I fished out from the first canal south of Cotten Road and did'nt see any holes from anything falling thru the ice. I went out there this morning, came back at about noon, and saw a long 4 x 4 sticking out of the ice at an angle. Hmmm...curiosity took over as I investigated to see if I could get a free 4 x 4 somehow. was at the edge of a big opening with tracks in the snow indicatiing a snowmobile had been pulled out of it. The 4 x 4 was one of the tools left behind and marks the hole where the machine had gone thru.
It was approximately 1/8 mile from shore, and on the "outward" side of the refrozen break with yellow snow in it. It was just offshore a bit from the common path all the machines have made that go from the Selfridge DNR launch to the Cotton Road fishin area. My guess is there is a gas pocket in that area judging from the yellow snow (actually white with a yellowish tint to it).
The fishing sucked there too....when I started I was the furtherest shanty out. When I left mine was the closest to shore. Everyone went out further, and the ice I was on was 5" and kinda soft although clear. When a quad came past a good distance away the water pushed up thru my hole. I can't imagine how far out some of those guys were. Hopefully they got rewarded with nice fish for their danger factor.
This is the worst year I can remember so far for machines falling thru the ice. Maybe its just because so many people have them now. I really don't know. But I'm leaving mine at home until this ice freezes up better. I can walk a mile easily pulling a shanty over glare ice.
Oh yea..the fishing report....a bass came thru and chased the perch away. A pike came thru and chased the bass away. I saw 3 jumbos, but missed all of them with the spear. I got one large, but missed 2 others. Water was pretty clear for 6-7 feet of water. The perch were not in big schools like they were on friday.
Good luck to all. I'll wait a for a few days of cold weather before going out again.
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