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Any improvements in the boat huering world?

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Just curious if you boat owners saw an improvement this weekend after our thread...

anybody mooch and not try to contribute to anything??
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So far it's all worked out. Actually i've been on other peoples boats more than mine this season.
(?) Since i own a boat and have all the expenses already (pmt., marina., ins., fuel, maintenance)
Should i feel obligated to donate towards fuel? i always bring plenty of my own beverage, samich, ice, etc. along with me. i guess my point of view is i should offer.
QUOTE(Going Deep @ Jun 8 2004, 12:56 PM)Hey Boatchic,
I was kidding when I told Bill he was a
cheap boat whore. Hope you didnt think I wanted
gas money from YOU Sunday. It never hurts to offer but
I would not have accepted it !! I did make Bill buy
me a round in Brown's since he was insulting my boat
all day. I had to make him feel bad for that .. Hope you
didnt think that was directed toward you???
No, bri not at all. i know your we're just being you
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1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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