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I've been talking about going out first thing in the morning since April, but have always kept myself out too late on Thursday nights which ends up putting me out around 11 or 12. I'm GOING to hit the lake around 6 or 7am and am wondering how the action has been. I've been going after work around 5 and have had some success with pike, muskie, and bass (but I don't want to catch stuff I don't have any interest in keeping).

I usually just cast, but was thinking about trolling or something. Any walleye action any good first thing in the morning around the Lake? I know in Algonac it has been good, it's just that it is about a 30 minute boat ride from Salt River and I only have a few hours to do my fising (have to be in Sterling Heights by 11:30am).

I guess I'll just keep casting in the morning for muskie but am going to head back out around 4 to really try to catch some walleye.

Anyone else gonna be out there tomorrow morning and have any advice? I'll be coming out of Salt River EARLY. Look for a 23 foot center console with a cabin. Probably have the dog with me too!

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