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This is an ideal opportunity for someone who wishes to have all of the pleasures of a sailboat, but only a fraction of the, I work weekends, so you will have the prime sailing time. (I may block out a weekend or two between April and mid October, but will let you know in advance.)

I have an Islander 28 located at Harbor Hill in Detroit (1976) and I need help this year in terms of the cost of the slip fee. I am willing to share the boat with anyone who can help pay (as long as they know how to sail). I will pay insurance and maintenance, but the sharer would be expected to chip in on fuel and cleaning and whatnot. Call me and I will give you the specs on the boat, which includes autopilot (for single-handing) and other amenities.

For the price of $1,800, you will get my other sticker to Harbor Hill which includes a hot tub, showers, laundry, tennis courts, cable, etc. in addition to the use of my boat. This contract covers May 1 to mid- October, 2004.

I have taught sailing for over 25 years and will even throw in a lesson or two for anyone who is interested in taking the steps to owning a boat without taking the big plunge (buying one).

Please phone me for further details. 734-834-4865.



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