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Anyone Need A Co-angler?

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hey, anyone fishing the bfl this year? if you need a co-angler for a guaranteed spot, i am fishing it this year but i want to be sure i will be in it.
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Did you post on the BFL web site too? Sometimes that helps since a fair number of west side and out of state guys look there.
Did you ever find a boater partner (if you're still fishing BFL)?

I guess you're missing one since the Canadian Open is on the same weekend as a BFL.

Let me know. I know of a boater who needs a co-angler.
dan, i am still going to fish some of the other events, hopefully all but the weekend of the candian open. i havent found a boater yet. tell your friend i would be happy to sign up with him. let me know and i will give ya my number.

madman himself
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I told him about this site and I see he did put a post on one thread tonight, so he's a user here now. His user name is: Pr844s1.

You can email him at [email protected]

His name is Rich Osgood.

Let him know you're availability and see what he says. Good luck.

Get with me if your interested in lockin in as a Co-angler.


dan gave me your email address. i will email you, we will get together and get signed up. talk to ya soon.

madman himself
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