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Anyone want $1500-$2500

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I have seen quite a few boats for sale on craigs list for between $1400 and $2500. The only thing is that I know there are some at a the higher level that are willing to come down, they just need to be haggled. I dont feel like haggling. I have $1500 maybe $1750 if its a steal. I know there are alot of people in need of money, including myself. I am out of work, but I have saved a little money and would be willing to eat like crap for awhile to get a fishing boat.

So ideally I would like a 14'- 16' , aluminum, fishing boat with motor and trailer.

I have seen deals like these, currently on craigslist,
I am just curious whats available on here.

there are other obvious differentiations which I am sure will come about , so those will play a role in the process of deciding.

either respond on here or email me at [email protected]

I will give it some time and see what either comes in or I find myself.
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QUOTE(chivo @ Jun 15 2009, 03:51 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Did you spam this in every forum?

Ha sorry I thought this was the appropiate forum, then after that I decided that the tips one would be most productive. But hey thats a good idea
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When I saw you made a post on this Chivo, I thought you sold the General Lee. You can't get rid of the red General Lee!
Well Ive increased my budget to $2500 for the right boat. You know the first couple weeks of not eating isnt so bad. Hopefully I get a boat soon so I can start spending money on food

[email protected]

email if you have a boat for sail ( aluminum, wide, motor, trailer )

I know to some this may disapoint them that I am on here posting this. If it really bothers you find me a boat
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