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OK peeps,
I am going to be sending in the badge credential order form for the boat show next week and I know there was some mention of maybe a few of you helping to work the LSCN booth that we will have set up in the main tent.

If you are interested in helping out between Thursday and Sunday, post your availability here and Capt'n Rob will make out and post a schedule here. It doesn't have to be all day long...just a few hours should help greatly. Once I know who will be working our booth, I will get you a vendor badge made up so you don't have to pay to get in the show.

Your main responsibilities will be to show people the site, hand out koozies in exchange for e-mail addys, and sell LSCN stuff. Piece of cake!

If you would like to help out, but are not a moderator, please let us know also. I need to get this form sent in ASAP so please let us know as quickly as possible if you are available.

Thanks all!
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Rob said there should be some slips open, so I'll be there by boat anyways. He said there was beer involved so sign me up. I'll be there Saturday from noon on untill Sunday for sure. Maybe Friday also.
Great Jim, but could you narrow down a two or three hour block of time so Rob will know when to schedule you in?
Sunday Morning, 11:28 am till ???
let me know, i will help anyway i can.

ok a little editing....
hehe, yeah, i will try to maintain a little there !
i may be a d.d. that night, not sure....
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Thanks Eddie! You do know that is the morning after the Tin Fish LSCN Bash, right?
QUOTE(mongo @ May 5 2003, 07:15 PM)Thanks Eddie! You do know that is the morning after the Tin Fish LSCN Bash, right?
i knew there was something that saturday !
i edited my first post, but yeah .......Sunday.....Noon to 6
Okay...changing this.. just saw the dates below, ...

if you need anyone.. I could help out either the Thursday or Friday from 12-3
QUOTE(mongo @ May 5 2003, 07:13 PM)Great Jim, but could you narrow down a two or three hour block of time so Rob will know when to schedule you in?
Anytime from 12:30 Saturday until 4pm Sunday. How's that? If you need something else let me know. Like I said, I'll be in a slip anyways.
FYI, the show hours are;

Thursday..Noon to 8
Friday.......Noon to 8
Saturday..Noon to 8
Sunday.....Noon to 6
I can do Friday 4 - 8 pm.

(The thread title is addressed to Moderators, but the post says non-moderators, so I am relying anyway...)

If you desperately need help on Saturday, I can do a few hours in the beginning of the day, but prefer not to - just in case Capt'n Rob or the Tin Fish need anything for the party at the last minute...
I think I will be out of town until Sat morning. Not sure yet, I will know more by Wednesday, but print me up one anyway.....Pretty sure I will be available Friday eve and part of Saturday....

I can do Thursday or Friday from 2-8 if you need me.
May be able to help on Sunday - if you guys are in a pickle I'M THERE MAN!
How much does the boat show cost to get in. I'll be busy all weekend but, If I get a chance I'm going to try and make it there.

I'd work with the deiter man and torture the crowd, we'd either lose half the board or sign up all of Mi. and the rest of the Great Lake statesmen(and women of course!!!)

I saw the hours you had posted (or Capn Mike did) be glad to help if you need. I work Thurs. and Fri. till 5pm available after, I'm golfing (other disease I have) till 2pm on Sat. but will help out other hours that you need. Just email me back. By the By where is it? Metro?
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Gary & I would be available during the week. Let us know what days you would need us. I think we noted in a previous post that we would be available in Thurs and Fri but I'm not sure.

Just let us know. We can always work something out.
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Let me know if I can help in any way.
i can help friday day. count me in.
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