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I don't know if this was ever introduced here, but I was exchanging info (but of course promoting the site
) with someone today as I always do when I find out someone is a boater or fisherman.

This person has a cottage along the Huron shoreline and we exchanged web sites.

I wanted to share this with you all. Do as you see fit. If it something that you see fitting in here persue it. If not, it is good information for persons who's home/cottage is on the shoreline.

Here is the site in discussion

Save Our Shoreline

By all means I do not want any confusion with Save Our South Channel Lights.
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Sounds like agreat cause, now only if there was enough $$ to go around.
It needs to be pointed out that the SOS website only tells one side of the story. All Great Lakes bottomlands are the property of the state and the people of the state, not the individual lake front property owners. The bottomlands that have become exposed because of low water levels are still the property of the state and are considered wetlands. These areas are critical to many aquatic and wildlife species.
I don't know all of the facts on this issue, but I'm looking into it. However, I do know that the SOS website doesn't tell the whole story.
Well said Terry....

Alot of people dont understand that.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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