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Auto Insurance

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Who are you guys using that have reasonable rates

State farm just hiked my vehicles a little over 400 dollars for the year.
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I would try our business directory for at least a free quote from each.

LSCN Insurance Business Directory

Good luck on your search.
State farm here too just claimed a windshield, no rate hikes yet hope they dont come after me too...
I've had really good luck with Citizens.
I have been shopping for auto insurance last couple days, have AAA now but not gettign nothign out of paying the 'fee' and being a 'mmeber' checked into Progressive, and they have the best rates so far, Although I am looking for the cheapest rate just to cover a used car....
The best so far: Michigan Millers Mutual Ins Co.

I went through a friend and he does all the work to get you the best and I have a 19 year old driver

CSI Insurance Agency
New Baltimore 725-5144
QUOTE(Stodge @ Jul 29 2009, 10:41 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I've had really good luck with Citizens.

Me also.

Had AAA, I used to get a discount for paying the whole year up front, but they changed and no more discount. P-U.

Citizens gave me about the same rate as AAA and their billing is a lot better.
Just changed to AAA today,saved a thousand dollars a year.Fired my agent and changed all policy's but one,my rental/investment property as they call it, AAA does not handle rental/investment properties,would like to change also.
I use allied insurance broker.. They never fail to find me the best deal going.
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I am with Allstate... I spent HOURS a few months ago when I got my renewal that was $130 more per year than prior but I couldn't find anyone cheaper (was doing the package house+car+boat deal). Some were ridiculous (my friend changed to Liberty Mutual and saved a ton, they were over $1,000 a year MORE for me!!!!!); I tried State Farm, AAA, Progressive, Citizens, Amica - no one came close - I was shocked. So good luck! It's a racket IMO - never know what you'll find.
Call Mel at anchor bay insurance

he saved me lots with 4 cars
he will know how to process to get the credits in

586 770 8380

mel koch
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