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QUOTE(Tony @ Jun 10 2009, 08:43 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>QUOTE(Grapes @ Jun 10 2009, 07:47 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>sweet pics. I like the lodge. Reminds me of my old place in Trout Lake.

Hand built by dad and uncles back in the 70's. My grandpa originally got the place on a 50 year lease at the cost of $1.00 per year.
They were trying to get you to build and travel there to boost the economy at that time. A decade or so ago we got the oppurtunity to purchase the place and we took advantage. It is truly old school. We have one bbq tank that runs the stove, one bbq tank that runse the 2 refrigerators, and one that runs the flash hot water heater and bathroom heater. Water pressure is supplied by a 55 gallon drum on the roof which we run a water pump from the lake each day to fill. That gives you water for the shower and sink but the outhouse is still the bathroom of choice.
Their is a wood burning stove for heat which we only needed the last day when we woke up and it was 27 degrees in the cabin.
Their is also a black and white t.v. that runs off of a 12 volt battery and gets a whopping 1 channel(cbc). My brother and his group are on their way up and are really gonna enjoy watching game 7 on it.
Reroofing her in August with a metal roof so hopefully we are done with the maintenance for awhile. We really only use it once a spring for a fishing trip and ocassionally in the fall but the 12 hour hike makes it tough when you are that close to bow season.

Everything you just mentioned, except the 12 hr drive, is the reason it reminds me of my old place I built back in 1994 when I got out of the ARMY. I needed my place of seclusion. I got tired of the go on vacation to work your A$$ off trips. Got rid of it, and now rent a cabin every year somewhere new. This year it's in Curtis.
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