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Balancing fishing rods

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In past years, I've experienced "fisherman's elbow". I cast primarily with one hand, and did one year have to stop fishing for awhile when I could hardly raise my arm anymore. I even went through Physical therapy.

I know BPS sells their XPS balancing system, but I believe that it is only for their rods thar are equipped to handle the $6.99 add on.

Has anybody else experienced what I have?
Have you tried balancing your rods in other ways that seemed to help?
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Absolutely know what you mean, I stopped before it got to bad, most fortunately. I use to baitcast one handed all the time. One thing is to turn your wrist with your thumb going left if your baitcasting right handed when you chuck. My advice is to get a long handle baitcaster if you still have to baitcast using two hands always. All I use now is spincasting reels. Spirex quick fire, i use two hands and can cast all day without ever getting a sore arm. I would stop baitcasting no dought by what your saying. I know a few people that can't baitcast any more because of elbow damage. If i troll i use my baitcaster. Trust me don't baitcast this year use spinning gear and cast with two hands to send it than let go of one hand and develop that technique and you'll be back in business before you know it. I even used the berkley bionic baitcasting rod it was suppose to help casting elbow and it didn't help.

h2o says heal that arm, stop baitcasting this year.
H2O is right. You're suffering from repetitive stress and the only real cure is to reduce the stress to the level where you don't have inflammation and pain. Change what you cast with, change the way you cast, do what's necessary to reduce stress to your elbow joint. Good luck!

In my own case, I went to two-handed bait casters. If I begin to feel pain in my elbow, I switch to spinning or fly tackle for awhile. For me, bait casting is hardest on my joints, especially with heavier action rods and heavy baits.

Also, I cast right and reel left-handed, partly out of preference but also because it's my left elbow that gives me trouble. If you can make that kind of adjustment, it might help a bit.
Fiker,....the $6.99 balancing system is a "universal" balancer that will fit almost any rod.....the XPS system that you're refering to is $10.99 I believe and it's designed exclusively for the BPS rods. You can use the $6.99 system easily on any other rod!!
I've used them before and they deffinitely help. I'd also recommend one of those arm bands that wraps around your forearm just below your elbow...they really work!

I've had "casting elbow" before too and only "time" will heal it...but the arm band made a world of difference when I used it while fishing!!

Good luck,...
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Boy do I feel lucky. I have never had that problem Thank God. Jammed my shoulder once and that made it a little hard to cast. Mike with the two handed bait casters if you stop bending your elbows it won't bother you as much
Cast with your arms not your wrists. Bending your elbows is what gets to you. You can take that from a caster (Me)
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I'll give that a try, Bob, thanks. Hopefully, I won't throw myself out of the boat. My elbow has been giving me trouble early this year, so I really need to avoid aggravating it, especially in the cooler weather.
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