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Bass Opens Saturday

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Anyone else out there excited? My friend and I will be there rain or shine. I'll be in an 18.5 Targa Tracker hoping to catch some hogs. Good fishing all!
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Uhh DUH! im very excited! i can finally start keeping some bass
I don't keep them either but my friend does. His family likes SM. It's really not bad. But LM are nasty.
I am excited too. The NBAA Detroit River Open is this Saturday. Should be a good one.
i think you guys are crazy. bass are good eatin. i dont eatem anymore, but growin up i did, i catch and release now
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I don't know that I would call them good eating, but edible . I don't keep them, unless they are in season and I hook one deep enough that I know it won't survive.
I prefer perch and walleye and catfish if cleaned and prepared properly.
A nice young, cold water smallie (of legal size)... filet it and remove skin completely.

Is awesome when done on a BBQ grill. Cover grate with foil, season to your liking, w/some lawreys, butter & S&P. Enjoy when white & flakey.

IMO - bumps walleye down a notch. Perch (1), SM Bass (2), Walleye (3)
smallmouth is pretty good if i dont any other fish to eat... But i only keep the 14"ers if i even keep any .i toss the bigger ones back...l.m. is nasty tho
O Canada, our home and native land.....
personally I was planning on keeping one or two limits in smallish smallmouth this year but ....since we havent heard directly how the bacteria that has been killing them off in the lake effects whether or not they should be eaten...I will abstain.
QUOTE(Mini @ Jun 18 2009, 03:20 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I am excited too. The NBAA Detroit River Open is this Saturday. Should be a good one.

I'm excited! We are one of the sponsors for the NBAA Detroit Opener.
Good luck to everyone!!
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