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I haven't posted yet because I don't know how my ordeal will end. I have also had product quality issues. Tracker Marine has stepped up and replaced My 1999 911 CDC Legends boat with a new 2003 911 CDC. (This is Quality Customer Service) I'm still in the proccess of receiving the replacement boat. I'm trying to work out the bugs of transfering all the old equipment to the new boat through Tracker Marine. The verdict is still out on this portion of the transfer. but so far so good. Spring sure flies by when your without a boat.
( I feel your pain)
I have to say Tracker Marine has treated my very fair so far.
WE have all heard the angry stories of customer neglect, here and on other web pages. Hopefully Tracker Marine is taking the right steps to cure this legacy. And in the future will become known for Quality Customer Care.
We Tracker Owners can only hope.
I will let you know when all is said and done how it turns out.
I hope yours goes well, it sounds like they are going to take care of you finally.
Good luck and good fishing.
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