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Once again well said (or

I agree on every point with the exception of the law change. I am still on the fence about that. I am all for changing it once I feel comfortable that we are not going to harm the fishery. I know there reams of paper reports that say nothing will happen if bass are immediately released, but almost all of them do not deal with Lake St Clair directly. This ecosystem is very unique and changing every day it seems. We need to protect what we have so others years from now can enjoy it too.

I catch more largemouth while crappie fishing in the spring and fall than I do any other time of the year, alot of that has to do with the rarity of me targeting largmouth (versus smallmouth) during the season.

More discussion will be had at our meeting next week with the PAC (Public Advisory Council) and the DNR....

BTW where are you fishing opening day????

I will be on Saginaw Bay

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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