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I thought the coverage was GREAT, Bill Clements, Jerry McKinnis and Tommy Sanders did well. Mark Menendez is a natural in front of the camera and Kim Bain is definitely easy on the eyes with a nice aussie accent. She fishes BASS West and FLW on coangler side.

There were alot of commercials but look at the superbowl ??

Ike's off limit ploy on day 2 was a media stunt by him, he didn't have any fish so he used that to get some attention. Also, when he handed trophy over, Did he whisper in Takohori's ear to bow to him ?? Ike definitely knows how to market himself and his sponsors.

I'm glad Takahiro won, he'll be considered a god back in Japan and make a ton of money. We'll see if he can win the FLW championship in 2 weeks for 500K, that would be something.

I had a great weekend watching the coverage,

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