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Battery Charge Suggestions

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Marina put in 3 brand new marine batteries just before end of season last year. They have disconnected the positive sides but left negatives connected and the batteries in their holders over winter on the boat. Boat was shrink wrapped and kept outdoors. What should I do, if anything, to the batteries so whe she goes in the water, they fire the engines up?
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Charge them? Or at least check the charges on them. If all 3 are brand new, chances are they are fine and will charge themselves first time you tun the engines.
If they are maintenance batteries, you should pull the top caps off and make sure they have enough water in them. If they are low, add distilled water only to them. Also in the winter I never leave my batteries in the boat outside. You should bring them into the basement and set them on a block of wood or something. You never leave a battery sitting directly on the concrete, this will kill the battery fast. Then in spring I trickle charge my batteries to get the surface charge back to the 12.3-12.5 volt range so I know they are charged.
Jabber is exact-a-mundo!

I do the same thing.

Keep them warm all winter, trickle in spring, rock and roll all summer long.
Thanks. I'll be taking a volt meter withme on friday when I head out there and see what is in them.
PJ: So, how did it turn out?

What was the voltage, and how do they look?

(If you got a chance to get to them on friday)
Got out there yesterday.

Batteries look fine and the two in line each showed full at 12.56 and 12.68 and the terminals were clean. The single one over on the port side showed 3.34 and a little corrosion on the terminals.

I should have power to the boat this weekend and will have 'em all charged and ready to go.

Now just have to figure out what batteries are for what as this was never explained and our previous boat had only the two seperate batteries.
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