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Welcome to the board.....

As with most beginners, you fail to realize that these topics have been covered here in detail many times.

If you look near the upper right hand corner of the page you will see a search function. Typ ein tubes and see what happens.

But the Cliff Notes version:

MOST people rig tubes using a tubejig inserted inside the tube with an exposed hook. Weights ranging from 1/16oz to up to an ounce and more if wind and waves dictate it. Use as light a weight as possible. Stick with the basic colors to start, watermelon, white and brown are really the best colors on Clair (a few flake variations are better at times). The 4" size seems to be the most popular, you can fins all the tubes you need at Bass Pro Shops (4" Magnum Flipping Tube is a fav of mine).

Good luck and make sure you post back how you did, it helps everyone out and you will learn more from adding info than just "lurking".

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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