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BFL Wild Card Tournament

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I am back from fishing the Chevy Trucks BFL Wild Card tournament on West Point Lake. We had three practice days last week and the tournament was on Friday and Saturday (11/7 and 11/8).

We had unusual seasonably warm weather for the practice days. On Tuesday the air temperature was mid 80's with water temperatures around 69 degrees. I spent my practice time trying to locate largemouth in the backs of creeks and coves. I had very little success. Over three days I managed only 5 keepers (14 inch minimum for LM).

On Wednesday we had strong showers off and on during the day and a cold front hit the area Thursday night.

There was 326 boats in the tournament on a lake that was approximately 35 miles long...Over the two days of tournament fishing I was very disappointed in my efforts. I did not catch a single keeper. My co-anger on day 1 caught one spotted bass (12 inch minimum). I caught only 2 short LM...or HEADS as they called them down there.

On Day 2 I was paired with another boater and we used his Ranger. He lives on the lake so I felt it was better to let him run his boat. He fishes the lake on a regular basis. He caught one 14 1/4 inch LM off one of MY spots that I had found in practice. On one of his points up the river, he caught 3 short Spotted bass and I caught one short spot. Of course, mine was 11 1/2 inches long...

The BFL ran a good tournament but the line to get a weigh in bag on Day 1 was VERY long. We waited at least an hour as we were in the 5th flight.

This was only my second time of fishing a southern reservoir. I did learn while observing my second day partner and how he approached the lake. I was disappointed of not getting to use my own boat but once the day was over, I had a very enjoyable time on the water with him.

This year there was 50 more boats (100 anglers) then last year's Wild Card on the same lake. I would like to see the BFL look at holding two Wild Card tournaments if they are not willing to hold it on a bigger body of water.

Sorry for the lost post but I wanted to share a little of my experience and if you wish to know more, please send me an email at [email protected]
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Thank you for sharing your experience about fishing the Southern Lakes for I have never fished any farther south than Port Clinton Ohio.
Sorry about your misfortunes, but it seems you learned a few things.

Southern Resivoirs are different animals than the northern natural lakes we fish.

John, you are correct. On the drive home I was replaying the entire week in my mind as to what I should have done differently. I spent over 30 minutes on my cell phone talking to my roommate who had done much better then I had. I think the biggest item I did not take into consideration was the seasonal pattern. In my mind, it was Fall and therefore the bass should be in the creeks and a FEW were...least that I found.

However, looking at the conditions, the weather leading up to the tournament and during our practice time was unseasonably warm. The water temperature was at late summer conditions. Therefore, the bass were still on a late summer pattern. It was if they were staging off the points and mouths of the creeks.

My roommate was catching his bass in shallow water on the main lake, near wood, on Super Flukes. I too was fishing Super Flukes but back in the creeks...I simply did not anaylyze properly the conditions I found versus the "text book" ideas of where the bass should be....So I learned a valuable lesson for next time I am down here...what pattern are the bass in the day I am on the water...
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A lesson well learned. Looks asa if the pattern was near the same during the Everstart Chqampionship. Late summer deal, fish still on main lake stuff/mouths of creeks due to the warm water temps.

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