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BIG Cat in the Canals

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Went out last Friday with my son-in-law Mark (not the most accurate caster in the world). We went into the canals, flipping and pitching for LM. We did catch a bunch of LM, but the story is about to take a big turn.

Along one seawall a house cat was walking along the seawall following every cast. You guessed it, Mark's cast landed on shore. The cat grabbed the plastic worm and ran away, running out drag. I positioned the boat next to the seawall and Mark went on shore and grabbed the cat. Lucky the only thing in his mouth was the worm and she was not hooked. Mark held the cat and tossed the jig on the ground, I started to reel in the jig while Mark held the cat. The cat saw the jig moving along the grass and jumped out of Marks arms. We started whole scene over again, luckily the cat was not hooked or hurt either time.

We later saw the homeowner, and told him what had happened. He told us it happens all the time and she brings the lures into the house and plays with them.

We had a big laugh, I hope you did too.

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Smart cat!...even smarter cat owner
Glad no kitties got hooked!!!!
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So many cats, so few recipes... dad always said the best catfish bait was ...cats!
Hope the cat's name wasn't "hooker".
Brrrrrrrrrr...Damn, my nose got a static shock.
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