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Thought this may help some guys who are struggling to catch big fish on St. Clair. This past weekend, with all the tournament fishermen pounding the mile roads area, I shifted gears and was pleasantly suprised. Weighed in a five fish limit of 15.5 lbs with two fish exceeding 4 lbs and all were caught on a Zoom Super Fluke. Lots of guys fish the mile roads and most are throwing tubes but the top two places in our clubs tourney were fellows throwing soft jerkbaits. I heard of guys culling through 3 and 4 limits on tubes but I only caught 5 keepers all day long. Although that sounds like fun, I'd rather have the excitement at the scales.
I don't claim to be a big tournament angler, but I believe big fish get conditioned to certain baits and a change-up can work wonders sometime. Hope this can help someone.
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