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Bluegills are a freshwaterfish, although they will venture into slightly salty water. Bluegills like quiet waters such as lakes, ponds and slow flowing rivers and streams.

Bluegills have small mouths and an oval shaped body. The fish is olive green on the upper body and light yellow on its belly. Dark bands run up and down from the back fading into the belly. Bluegills are a member ot the sunfish family. Many people call bluegills "sunnies".

Spawning takes place from April to September. The male picks a good spot and makes a nest. After the female lays her eggs, the male guards the eggs and newly hatched young. Bluegills like to build there nests around other bluegill nests.
Sometimes there are so many nests that the nest beds touch and look like honeycombs.

Spiders, insects, crayfish, fish eggs, and other small fish are their favorite foods. Young bluegill often become food for larger fish, birds and water snakes.

Easy to catch, bluegills make a good pan fish. They are often the first fish that a young fisherman catches. Many times these fish will be stocked along with largemouth bass in many ponds and lakes. Earthworms or even corn kernels make good bait.

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