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As I briefly mentioned in another topic here, we are planning to do the last phase of the bulletin board upgrade this Sunday, January 12th. I'm unsure what the impact to the board will be during that time, but expect it to be periodically unavailable from 10pm through the early morning on Monday.

You may be able to get in and post, but there's a possibility that posts after 10pm will not show up in the upgraded board, so don't post anything too important .

Hopefully everything goes well, and come Monday, everything is normal. Expect some bugs. It's just the way things go when you try to merge the products of 3 different developers. We'll do our best though and we appreciate your support.

There's a couple other ideas in planning stages as well. Stay tuned. We're bound and determined to make sure the Lake St. Clair Network remains the "Coolest CyberTrip on the Lake!"
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