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Whether this is your first time on-line or you're a seasoned on-line user, we've spelled out our house rules and general information for you here. Generally speaking, these rules simply require respect and good manners. Use common sense and you'll feel right at home.

This will remain a fluid post and may become a permanent link, questions or concerns feel free to post here.

Business advertising and signature approvals (ONLY):
Capt'n Rob

Technical support and password resets (ONLY):
Capt'n Mike

Board posting questions and concerns contact:
Forum Moderating Team

Rule #1
We live by our words on-line, so we don't allow obscene, racist or sexually explicit language, images, or photos. Keep in mind this is a PG13 site. We reserve the right to remove postings that defame or insult anyone, are abusive or hateful, or are derogatory. Any harassing notes or posts that could be construed as stalking will be removed and made available to the proper law enforcement officials. We also reserve the right to remove notes that are off the subject or not in English. Additionally, if at least two complaints specific to certain content arise, we will take the content down, out of respect to the members on this site. .

Rule #2
No solicitations or advertisements are allowed, unless approved by LSCN. This includes advertisements for your business, website, pyramid schemes, or "get-rich-quick" schemes. Such notes add clutter, devalue conversation, and mislead people. Also, signatures should not contain links to your business or website unless approved by LSCN. You may not suggest or encourage illegal activity. If that does occur, LSCN will assist law enforcement officials.

Rule #2a
Do not sell concert tickets, sporting event tickets or any other item unless approved by LSCN, freebies are welcome without approval. Capt'n Rob

Rule #2b
LSCN has a classifieds section for selling your boat, car, house, etc. All items for sale should be posted there. A post with a link to the item in the classifieds is allowed.

Rule #3
Promotions and parties will not be allowed (unless approved by LSCN Capt'n Rob). It's important that we space each event for maximum exposure and member attendance.

Rule #4
You must have copyright ownership or give credit for all material that you post on our bulletin boards and in our chats. No articles, recipes, song lyrics, art, or graphics may be posted without the express written consent of the copyright holder. Use your best judgment when it comes to copyrighted material. Free sites and freeware are acceptable, as long as you work within the parameters of this site.

Rule #5
When posting photos or images, keep in mind that this is a PG-13 site. The images should not show any more than you would see on your regular network TV. One important reason for this is that many people visit this site from their place of work, during breaks. We do not want anybody getting in trouble because somebody saw inappropriate pictures on their screen, while visiting our site. If you are unsure, just post a link to the image, and a warning.
This applies to avatars as well! LSCN reserves the right to remove change your avatar for you, if it is not appropriate.

Rule #6
You must respect the privacy of individuals. This means no posting of phone numbers, addresses, social security numbers or any other private information unless approved by that individual.

Rule #7
Practice good on-line etiquette. This means that you don't post the same note more than once. The on-line word for posting many times on one topic is "spamming." We don't allow that. On the same token, if there is something on your mind that you want to post about, see if the topic exists already. Use the search tool if you need to. Creating multiple posts on the same topic only clutters things.

Rule #8
You participate at your own risk on the forums, in private messaging, and in e-mail. You take responsibility for postings under your identification and use the information provided here at your own risk. LSCN takes no responsibility for the content or opinions posted here. By posting, your message, photo, content etc. becomes part of the website that we manage. We reserve the reserves the right to remove any postings (although we have no DUTY to do so). We may use the content in any promotional or informational manner. If you see a post that you feel violates any of the above house rules, please notify any moderator by e-mail or PM. Barring technical difficulties, we will respond in 24 hours. By posting to any portion of LSCN, you agree to abide by the LSCN rules.

Rule #9
Please do not ask an Administrator or Moderator to mass E-Mail or PM the LSCN board members. We have always respected our sponsors and members and promised we will never SPAM them with information not related to LSCN as a whole.

Rule #10
Use common sense and have a wonderful time at LSCN.

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Rule 2a amended. Please read carefully.

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Rule #9 Added
Please do not ask an Administrator or Moderator to mass E-Mail or PM the LSCN Board members. We have always respected our sponsors and members and promised we will never SPAM them with information not related to LSCN as a whole.

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The following goes along with rule #1.

The Lake St. Clair Network (LSCN) website is intended to be a resource for the boaters, fishermen, and water-sport enthusiasts around the lake. The site has always been known for it's first class attitude, and it's first class people.

Over the past year, LSCN has grown immensely. It has brought in people who know the lake only by name, and that's fine. We welcome everybody. But along with that, the perception and intent of the site has become obscure. The complaints we see, and conversations we overhear, indicate that people are getting the wrong impression of this site.

Above all else, many of the regulars are unhappy with what this site has become. Many refrain from visiting the Boathouse forum, and isolate themselves only to the forums which interest them, and that's okay. But others are choosing to not visit the site again, and we don't want that.

LSCN was built to be a fun place, and the creators of this site, want to have a good time running it. Lately, it has become more of a hassle than it has been fun. Our moderators, who also find their work to be a "labor of love," are finding it hard to keep up with the immature, outrageous, attention-getting and rule-defying posts. That's not fair to them.

Effective immediately, the LSCN moderating team and administrators will be taking a zero tolerance stance on the content posted in the LSCN Boathouse. ANY and ALL posts that the moderators deem inappropriate, offensive, or just plain mean may be DELETED WITHOUT WARNING AND WITHOUT REASON! There is no longer a "3 complaint rule." It's now a matter of good judgment, with the greater good of LSCN in mind.

Those who repeatedly post objectionable material which requires moderator intervention, will lose posting privileges without warning.

We're sorry that it had to come to this, but we feel that this action will make the Lake St. Clair Network a better place for everybody.

- The LSCN Staff

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There's been lot's of changes with the new forum, but we believe everyone has took to them very well. We're thankful that this upgrade went so much better than the one in January of 03 did. That one shut the board down for a day or so!

There's been a few questions about new features, but not many. We think that means everyone either has it all figured out, OR they don't know about them yet. I'm going to try to keep this post updated with what's new on the board, and add a list of what has changed.

PM me with questions that you have, or start a new thread. I'll paste them in here if I see fit.


Q. What is this "Shoutbox" I have been hearing about?
A. The Shoutbox is a little chat window that can be displayed at the top of every window in the LSCN forums. The dialogue in there is displayed in all of the forums. It's not unique to each forum.
To enable the Shoutbox, you need to change your forum skin, to the LSCN Shoutbox Skin. You can easily change the skin at anytime, by scrolling all the way to the bottom of a forum or topic view page, and selecting on the drop down menu that reads "LSCN Boat Skin". Change that to LSCN Shoutbox Skin, and the forum will automatically refresh, using the new skin.

Q. I found the Shoutbox, but how do I use it?
A. Just type in the blank field, and then click on shout. Here's a few more bullet points about the Shoutbox;
- The shoutbox *was* set to refresh every 90 seconds, but since it refreshes the field you type in, messages were being lost before they could be sent. For now, the auto refresh is off. It will refresh when you submit a shout, when you change pages, or when you hit the refresh button.
- All shouts are stored for 5 days. To review them, click on "View The Shoutbox" in the blue bar above the shoutbox.
- Shouts ban be also be edited and deleted from here.

Q. Is there a "worksafe" skin?
A.On the prior version of the forum, we had a skin option that wasn't so bright and attention grabbing, for our users who like to surf at work. We've just released one for this version too. On the lower left side again, open up the drop down menu that says LSCN Boat Skin, and there will be an option for the LSCN Work Safe skin there.

The banners will continue to be displayed though. We could not offer this site for free, if it wasn't for the sponsors who pay for that advertising space. Please do not block the ads, and please support the sponsors whenever possible. If the ads are a problem at work, try shrinking down your browser window a little so that you would have to scroll to see the banners.

Q. Where is the list of online users at?
A. With the new version of the forum, the coding changed extensively and our little tweak to display this on the side of the page no longer works. We're looking into recoding this for the new forum.
However, if you scroll to the bottom of any forum, you can still see who's viewing that forum. A dashed line under their name, means that they are posting.

Q. How can I see where the online users are at in the forum, or what they are doing?
A. Go to the forum index page, and at the bottom below Board Statistics look next to "Show detailed by:" and select on "Member Name" to see the list sorted my member name.

Q. Where is the "LSCN Home Port" now?
A. Like the list of users, the coding for this changed too. But if there's enough interest, we can bring something like this back. Let us know!

Q.But I miss being able to see the new posts in all forums, at a glance.
A. You still can! Use the View New Posts link, located at the top right of every page. It will show you all the new posts in all the forums, since your last visit. Try it now by clicking here.

Q. Where did my avatar go?
A. Most avatars were copied off of the old server. Some were corrupt on the old server, and we weren't able to retrieve them. Most likely, you will have to upload a new one. But if you don't have it, PM me, and I can make an effort to retrieve it.

Q. Why do some of the threads have gray boxes with little red x's where the attachments used to be?
A. There were 800 megabytes of attachments, and only 1/8 of them have been copied over so far. More effort has been spent on getting the forum functionality back to the way it was instead. We will do our best to restore as many of the old attachments as possible though.

Q. Do I no still have to resize my photos before adding them as attachments?
A. YES! By all means, please resize your attachments! The "thumbnail" feature automatically scales the image to prevent distortion of the forum layout when large images are attached, but this doesn't do anything to the file size. Large attachments slow down load time for dialup users, and greatly increases our bandwidth consumption.

Q. What are some of the new features of this forum?
A. Too many to list! But here's some highlights;

Collapsable categories, shoutbox- By clicking on the
images on the forum index page, or in the shoutbox, you can collapse a category and display only the ones that interest you.

Topic and Forum Subscriptions- If you want to be notified by e-mail of posts you started, or important posts, you now have several different options.
None: This will not send out any emails but it will retain the forum or topic in the subscriptions panel which will allow you to 'bookmark' useful or favourite topics/forums.
Delayed: This is 'classic' mode. The board will email you notification when you're not active on the board.
Immediate: This will email you immediately after a new topic has been made (forum subscription) or reply has been made (topic subscription). This will send an email regardless of activity and it will send multiple emails if there are multiple replies.
Daily Digest: This will email you a digest of all new topics (forum) or replies (topic) in one email - once per day
Weekly Digest: This acts in the same way as the daily digest but it will digest the week and send it - once per week.

Read topics stored in database Previously, the topics you read was held by your browser session, and not very accurate. This should be more accurate.

Log in Options- Log in with your name or email address I haven't tested this yet, so let me know if it doesn't work.

Topic Options
Multiple attachments- Up to 5 attachments allowed per post.

Online/Offline user indicators- When reading someone's post, you can see if they are online, just by looking under their name.

Multi-Quote- ability to quote more than 1 post at a time

Ability to search in topics- Use the search field at the bottom left of the topic you are viewing. This is also available per forum.

Inline attachments- Now you can post around your attachment, instead of only above it.

Private Messages
Ability to attach files to a PM- Currently disabled. Do we need it?

Ability to show CC users- Good when you want to let the recipient know that you copied others on your PM.

Improved new PM notification- No more pop ups!

To be continued...
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