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Boat Insurance with towing

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Well you guys got me thinking if my Allstate policy would cover towing or my surprise they only reimburse up to $100 per incident!!

Being that we can get a discount through Boat US on the membership...I called them for a quote on insuring our 2 boats...they came in under $1000 LESS than what Im paying now with Allstate...can this be true?

I would love some feedback on Boat US to see if they are actually a good insurance company to go with...also with their unlimited towing/salvage policy...does this really work?
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I've had Boat US for over 10 years with no problems. I think some of the difference might be their deductable is 1% ($1000. for $100,000 coverage) where allstate or others might be $250. or $500.
Allstate was just the opposite for me. They came in under Boat/US and claims service has been outstanding. With Boat/US, it was like pulling teeth to get partial payment on an outdrive claim.

As for towing/salvage, I have Boat/us towing insurance for $500/incident. It's my understanding that towing is covered by it (and probably a $100/incident from Allstate) but salvage claims are covered only by your boat insurance.

I also have my homeowners thru Allstate and that may be why they were cheaper than Boat/US. It went up a little this year, but my homeowners ins. doubled. Apparently they didn't do too well in the market last year. I've had the misfortune to have made claims to both companies over the years and they were night and day when it came to paying claims.
I Have never had a problem with Allstate boat insurance. Made a few claims and have never had a problem.
Hmmmmm thanks guys....I have everything insured with Allstate, and yes my homeowers doubled big time last year...I was shocked. I just cant believe BoatUS is so much cheaper though. I will have to look at both policies side by side and see if there is something missing.

Thanks again!
i havent had any trouble with AAA insurance.. they take my money every month..
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