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Boat Names

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What's the skinny on changing boat names? I just purchased a boat with a name I really don't want to keep, but I understand there is a superstition with changing the name of a boat. Is this really followed anymore or is it just a fun story?
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Some will say it's just a superstition, that you can change it at any time. But I wouldn't chance it. Here's what looks like a decent renaming ceremony to follow that I found -
thanks for the link. I look forward to the ceremonies as I will not risk it. It sounds like it could be good fun and a great way to start the boating season.
Go ahead.....change the name. Superstitions..........fhooooy. You want the name to appeal to you.

I have a go-fast, and the name of my boat is: GIMME FUEL.
I understood that once you name a but yourself you shouldn't change it!
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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